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How to Date a Girl That Is Taller Than You

Society’s old ways of thinking, including those ideas that tell us that a male should always be taller than a female he is in a relationship, are obsolete. Even so, sometimes we need ways to deal with this kind of role reversal.


  • First of all, you must be confident. Your height is something you can do nothing about, and you need to be able to come to terms with that. If you cannot accept yourself the way you are, how can you expect anyone else to? Most of the time, if you are unpreoccupied with something like this, something superficial, your significant other most likely won’t be concerned at all.
  • Talk about it. In a relationship, one of the most important skills is to be able to communicate with your significant other. Tell her that this is something that you may be sensitive about or even just that you don’t want it to become an issue. Most girls won’t care.
  • You may need to make a decision about whether to date a girl based on her acceptance of your height. In the long run, and even in the short run, height, as with all other superficial aspects of someone’s appearance, is extremely unimportant. Much more important is chemistry and enjoyment and acceptance of each other.


  • Confidence is key in being able to date a girl taller than yourself
  • Do not view yourself as less “manly” in any way because of height
  • Make sure that your girlfriend understands that you may not like to be teased about your height

Through scientific STRETCHING exercises.

That stretching can increase a person’s height was also accidentally discovered and proven in France by Dr. Francois Sambucy, head of the Paris Clinic.

In treating his patients who came to him for relief of spinal pressures and rheumatic ailments, he discovered that traction also increased their height. Some added two inches to their height through it.

When one of his patients discovered that height could be increased by stretching the vertebrae, word traveled fast and soon many flocked to him, not for rheumatic ailments but for an increase in height.

Some of those who came were wives of very tall men, men who wanted to marry tall women; policemen, mailmen — and many others.

“They go through the same stretching treatments given to patients with spinal column problems,” he said. “The exercises and stretching did it.”

Using the exercises, his patients claimed that their additional height became permanent.

One Col. Atkins, aged 54, of New York testified that he increase his height by 1 1/2 inches by performing specific and recommended exercises.

Simple Fact About Height Increase

Height variations explained
At large, the height within different populations varies on societal growth in terms of available health care, education about nutrition, and availability of foods. This explains, why the average height in developed nations is higher than other nations.

Within a given population, the height variation is primarily genetic. As a rule, the height is determined by the height of parents. Mid parental height (MPH) is defined as sum of father’s and mother’s height divided by two. A boy grows up to be 2 inch taller than the Mid Parental Height. A girl grows up to be 2 inch shorter than the Mid Parental mother’s height.
Mid Parental Height (MPH) = ((Height of father) + (Height of Mother)) divided by 2
Male height = MPH (inches) Plus 2
Female height = MPH (inches) Minus 2

Height Growth periods
The height increases from birth to the end of puberty. However, there are three succinct spurts: infancy, between the age of six and eight, and adolescence. A proper diet and health care during these spurts can have dramatic effect on theheight.
Before puberty, the growth plates (the ends of long bones namely arms and legs) are soft and the length can be increased. During puberty, the growth plates (Epiphysis) begin to solidify. Once they are solid (Epiphysis is fused), the growth stops.
The fastest growth period starts at about age 11½ and ends near age 18.
The fastest growth period starts at about age 13½ and ends near age 20. The boys are normally taller girls because of this added two year advantage. Also, Testosterones help the bones to grow longer.

How to increase height

  • Human Growth Hormones
    • In 2003, the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) approved the use of Human Growth Hormones for children with low growth hormones. This treatment is only good before growth plates are fused.

Diet Considerations
The diet can dramatically help increase height during spurts before growth plates are fused. The diet must be balanced with all food groups (grains, fruits, vegetables, meat/beans). The emphasis should be on Calcium rich foods and foods high in proteins. The following items need special attention.
Milk Milk in United States is fortified with Vitamin D. Take Vitamin D supplement if milk is not fortified.
Green vegetables (Spinach, Mustard Greens, Collard Greens, Kale)
High protein items such as skinless chicken, trimmed meats
Vegetarians may chose soybean products such as Tofu or Tempeh

Exercise Consideration

Exercise can help increase height specially during puberty. The exercise should involve extending body vertically, examples: swimming, basketball, volleyball

Lifestyle Consideration
Avoid use of tobacco products (smoking, chewing tobacco).
Avoid confined environment (stale air)
Avoid stress

Look Taller Tips

First of all, let me begin by saying that being short does not go against the concept of beauty as defined by society. It is absolutely fine to look short. Shorter people are cute, cuddly and come across as lovable and huggable! Good things do come in small packages. However, if you feel you would still like to add a few more inches to your height, don those three-inch stilettos and read on.

Monochrome outfits

Opt for a single coloured outfit. Don’t try and pair a blouse with contrast trousers, as once a colour break is introduced it cuts down your height, making you look shorter. A single colour from top to bottom adds to the illusion of height. You could add a second colour to your ensemble by accessorizing it. Wear a scarf around your neck or carry a contrasting handbag. Add still more pizzaz to your monochromatic outfit by contrasting fabrics and textures. Blue denim with a blue satin blouse, brown leather pants with a brown chiffon blouse.


Wear a scarf with one end hanging down. This makes you look taller. If you wear a jacket or cardigan, wear it unbuttoned to add to the vertical and lengthening effect. Similarly, chose long necklaces over chokers, hanging earrings and loops over studs. Big belts appear to cut you in half and make you look shorter, so you should best avoid them. Wear heels.

Match your shoes to your trousers, not to your top. Nothing adds height more than wearing a pair of shoes exactly the colour of your trousers. Doing this elongates the legs. If you are wearing black trousers with a white top, which we have already told you is a bad idea, you may be tempted to wear white shoes. True, it goes with the look, but remember, we are trying to make you look taller and black heels will do the job far better than white stilettos. Similarly, match the hue of your stockings to your skirt or pant.


Any strips on your outfit should be vertical, not horizontal. Vertical stripes not only make you look taller, but they make you look slimmer as well. Thus if you are top heavy and have a big bust, you could wear a top with vertical stripes, while if you want your hips to look slimmer, you could wear striped pants. Thankfully colourful striped pants are very trendy, so invest in a pair.


Add height to your tresses. Wearing your hair up in a ponytail or bun makes your neck look longer and is a better idea than wearing your hair loose, and the higher your ponytail, the better it looks. If short hair suits you, cut it off to above your ears – but once again, only if it suits you! The idea is for you to look tall so you can look better, not worse! Not many women can carry off short hair, so if you can, go for it! Essentially, if short and long hair both look good on you, go for short. Similarly v-neck tops make your neck look longer, consequently making you look a little taller.


If you are even a little overweight, you will look plumper and shorter. Tall people can carry off excess fat with no one noticing, but unfortunately shorter people cannot. The good news is, if you shed a little weight, you gain a little height as well, so if you can lose a few more pounds, do so. If you are slim enough, don’t lose any more weight. Looking too skinny ruins the ‘cute’ factor of being short!


Wear skirts that are longer in length than in width. Alternatively, pair a long jacket with a mini.

And finally, the most effective tip of all, hang out hang out with people shorter than you!

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