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Zinc role in teens' growth

How would i know which is a fortified cereals that contain lots of zinc and which isnt? Pls introduce a few fortified cereals to me. i have difficulty with buying cereals since i dont know which is fortified and which isnt. thanks.

which fruits and vegetables contain 1mg of zinc per serving?
Is it true that if teens stretch their bodies everyday, they can grow tall?
are there any pills that can help teens to grow tall? Is Appeton TeenGrow a scam? The promoters of this product claimed that this pill can help teen to grow tall.

Dear Amethyst,

Please find answers to your questions plus some additional reading resources.


Stretching indeed seems to be able to stimulate grown, sometimes even after puberty. Interestingly, mechanical stretching of even a single cell helped to activate the growth of muscle cells in culture (Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol 278,H521-H529). Any exercise can facilitate growth and in fact is necessary for secretion of growth hormone and other body’s own anabolic hormones. Another strong growth hormone stimulator is sleep: this is why teens are usually advised to have enough quality sleep. Read growth hormone FAQ: Exercise intensity and duration also determines the rate of growth hormone secretion: 3 sets of 8 repetitions of exercise involving 12 muscle groups (using Nautilus equipment) resulted in greater growth hormone concentration in the blood than only 1 set.

As to the stretching, all anecdotal evidence indicates that you need to stretch A LOT for successful growth stimalation. Exercises include monkey bar hanging, basketball jumps, swimming, and the like. However, nobody knows for sure what’s A LOT though there are quite a few eBooks and print books over there claiming guaranteed success.


Zinc influences hormonal regulation of body growth but it also affects individual cell multiplying. It’s linked to the structure and action of many enzymes involved in many different metabolic processes that more or less directly participates in body growth regulation.

Keep it in your mind that minerals and micro-elements work best when taken in sets, synegristiclaly. So, you’ll also need to have enough protein, iron, calcium, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, and Linolenic acid e.g., from fish, eggs walnuts, canola oil, soybean oil, soybeans, and tofu.

_Fruit and Vegetable sources of zinc_

The zinc from fruits and vegetables sources is not absorbed well. A rule of thumb is to eat a variety of zinc-dense foods like whole grains, nuts, peas, and pinto beans.

Appeton Teengrow

Appeton Teengrow contains calcium, vitamin D, copper, manganese, zinc, potassium, magnesium and vitamin C – the vitamins and minerals known to be important in bone development thus supporting the “bone” part of teen’s body growth.

Here are examples of cereals with announced zinc content:

- Wild Puffs Organic: most of the flavors contain around 25% recommended dialy values for zinc

- Toasted O’s Honey Nut Organic: Zinc 25%

- ShopNatural: Zinc 10%

Zinc content of some fruit and vegetables:

(more can be found at

Avocados, in 100 grams: 0.64 mg
Apricots 0.20 mg
Apples: 0.04 mgCabbage: 0.18 mg
Carrots: 0.17 mg
Kidney beans: 0.60 mg

Exercises For The Spine To Grow Taller

For me growing from the spine proved to be a bit harder than from the knees or shin bone, it might not be as time consuming but the little time you do it does tire you up.The whole goal of spinal increasing is to put the spine in traction, basically decompressing it so you can increase the fluid capacity in the disks. This will thicken and strengthen the cartilage along the entire spinal column making it longer and stronger. With a stronger spine, your can better resist the compressive forces of gravity.

Apart from giving you the extra inches you desire, it has been proven to increase blood circulation, improve digestion, increase metabolism, reduce tiredness, slow-down aging, smoothen breathing and promote general good health.


Hanging relies on gravity to decompresses the spine lengthen and straighten to obtain height increase. Nothing complicated, just find a bar and hang on it for at least 10 seconds repetitions or as long as you can for 5 minutes a day, you must hang a total of 30 minutes a week at least (the more you do the better). It might be difficult to find a bar at home to hang on to that is high enough, a popular hanging device called Door Gym which only requires a door frame to create your own hanging bar without using any bolt or nails.If you want your back and shoulders to get wider and have that V-Taper, use a wider grip.After a few weeks in you can also accelerate the growth process by using Ankle Weights while you hang, adding extra weight to your body will increase the pressure and pull of the spine.Weightlifting Wrist Wraps are optional but I suggest it if you want to hold on longer and with less pain in your hands.

Body Inversion

Body inversion can be done either with the use of an Inversion Table or Inversion Boots. When your body is inverted upside down, gravity stretches both the spine and knee cartilage at the same time. It is likely that you will be able to be inverted upside down much longer than hanging on a bar with hands which only last as long as until your arms get tired. While inversion table is not cheap and requires operating space, it has shown excellent result for those who use it consistently.Hang for at least 10 minutes a day brake it down like 5 minutes in the mornings and 5 at night to get a total of 1 hour (if more even better) a week.One of the things that really helped me is adding weight to myself while inverted hanging using the inversion boots, I held a 40 pound weight plate in my hands while hanging upside down, it was a bit uncomfortable though and I gradually built the weight up, I suggest the use of a Weight Vest as it wont put strain on your arms.


To lengthen your spine while swimming, you should consider doing the breast stroke. It is the ideal stroke because while your legs are kicking one way, your arms are stretching you the other way. Since this is happening at the same time, this helps lengthen your spine as opposed to other swimming strokes. The second reason swimming is good is because being in pool of water effectively neutralizes the effects of gravity on your spine.If you don’t know how to swim breast stroke you can read this article on To the left is a picture of Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps who specializes in breast stroke, check out his spinal column and notice how long and rangy it is.

Raised Sleeping

Raise the bottom part of your bed where your feet are by 2-4 inces in height. This way you use gravity to pull your spine up as opposed to when you are standing and gravity pulls your spine down. With your head below your heart, you will also allow gravity to force better blood flow to your thyroid gland which can help in the production of growth hormone.Start of with a low height maybe 2 inches and add an extra inch every month or so till your reach 5 months, it may seem easy but its hard to get use to sleeping that way.Also one of the most important things is to sleep on your back, it’s proven to work a lot better than sleeping on your belly and don’t forget to remove your pillow as the spine needs to be fully straighten out.


Increase Height With Cycling

My everyday routine:
-Biking 25-30 miles daily
-sitting with angkle weight 2-3 hours daily
-Drink milk daily
- Do 24 week Exercise

Base on

“It has been suggested that cycling with raised saddle seat for 18 to 20 miles everyday would increase the shinbone length by 1/4 inch every 2 or 3 weeks. It’s very difficult but someone out there should experiment & report back their progress! Stationary bikes are preferred over traditional bikes because the convenience of cycling indoor regardless of weather conditions. Good stationary bikes can be found at any fitness clubs at the cost of membership subscription, or simply purchase a cheap stationary bike and then customize it as outlined below.”

Types of Bikes
Not all stationary bikes are alike. There are two main types, an upright bike and a recumbent bike:

  • The first option, an upright bike, is like a regular bicycle (your legs extend below your torso and your back is not supported), only stationary.
  • Recumbent bikes offer a more relaxed, supported sitting position. Like a chair, they have seat backs to support your back, and instead of pedaling below, your legs usually extend in front of you.

Get This stationary bicycle Today!

Short Or Tall ? How to grow taller and increase height instantly. Used by millions around the world.

Go here to read the rest:
How to grow taller and increase height – must see!

4 Ways To Increase Height

What is the best way to increase body height.
What is the most cost-effective.
Who are the resources that provide these services.
I would prefer professionals in the subject matter.

Asked by: ly097-ga


I’ve researched your questions and have the answers.

A person’s height is determined by how our genes interact with the
environment. If you live in a healthy way, you will achieve your
greatest potential height. The most important things you can do are to
get plenty of sleep, exercise regularly, eat a well-balanced diet, and
avoid alcohol and drugs.

Your body will continue to get taller until the growth plates on your
bones close. People stop growing at different ages. You might stop
growing in your mid teens. Or you might continue growing into your
twenties. How tall you get is mainly determined by how long your long
bones are.

If you believe you are not as tall as you should be, you might have
have an absence of a growth hormone. Your doctor can run tests to find
out if you lack this hormone. It’s quite possible! I’ve found that
some symptoms of this loss of growth hormone include arthritis and a
severe changing of your facial features.

An article written by Oregon State University researchers states, “For
persons with a documented absence of growth hormone, administration of
this hormone can help them to acheive ‘normal’ stature, but this is
indicated only for persons clearly way below normal growth curves and
a documented (by lab tests) deficiency. Growth hormone given after
bones have stopped growing (for example at 22) would be more likely to
induce acromegaly. This is a disease seen in persons that secrete too
much growth hormone. The symptoms are significant corsening of facial
features, hyperplasia of joints and severe arthritis.”

If your doctor finds that your bones are abnormally short, this can be
corrected through a process called articial stretching. Your bones
will be broken and the bone parts will be attached piece by piece to
steel rods that can increase the length of your bones, and thus, make
you taller. This is said to have a high success rate but is painful.

You may read about PFFD, a syndrome in which bones don’t properly
grow. The link is

You may read one child’s story about PFFD at his web site. The link is

Basketball playerslimb lengthening. This web site sponsored by
Georgetown University, writes, “WHY SOME DOCTORS ARE AGAINST LIMB
LENGTHENING: There are many reasons for this. One is prejudice against
medical procedures from other countries. I’m not kidding. One doctor
told me “they” didn’t believe in anything from “foreign countries”. To
make things worse limb lengthening came from the former Soviet Union,
remember the cold war thing? Add to this the arrogance that American
medicine is superior because it’s American. When the Ilizarov Method
was first discovered there was some excitement and doctors quickly
began trying the procedure in the 1960’s without extensive training in
the method. When they didn’t get the results they wanted, American
doctors seemed to give up on the technique and decided it didn’t work.
Limb lengthening is a difficult and complicated procedure and when
done by an unskilled doctor or untrained in the procedure or in how to
deal with the complications, the results can be disastrous. Some
doctors are too arrogant, full of pride, or jealous to admit that
another doctor can help their patient and they can’t.

Doctors are human after all but, unfortunately, a few tend to
think they are more superior than the average human. Some doctors may
be prejudiced against the procedure. Another reason is they may
believe that you or the child’s particular case may have complications
that the doctor can’t surgically repair and if he can’t fix it then it
can’t be fixed, right? They may also be too skeptical or unsure of the
limb lengthening procedure that they won’t refer the patient to a
doctor experienced in limb lengthening. One important reason may be
you as a parent or the patient. Many doctors will follow your lead in
how you are dealing with the situation. It can depend on you. If you
are demanding to know all of your options they will give you that,
some will do so reluctantly. If you seem upset and can’t deal with the
situation, they will offer you the quickest and easiest solution
possible. For example, in an unrelated situation, a doctor was giving
a young boy who had very severe mental retardation a stronger dosage
of seizure medication than was needed in order to keep him heavily
sedated. The boys’ mother was complaining to the doctor that she could
never keep him awake. He finally told her that he was giving the child
more medication than was necessary to keep him sedated because some
parents wanted their child kept quiet and asleep. He assumed it would
be easier on her if her child was kept sedated and that she would want
it that way as well. By the way, judging by her raised voice, he
assumed wrong. Doctors not only consider the patients needs, they,
also, consider the family’s needs as well and they sometimes make
assumptions. The point is they could be following your lead on
deciding what treatment they will offer.

Not all doctors are bad, like not all mechanics are bad. Some do
wonderful work, care about the job and try to do what’s best for the
individual. Some try to get as much money as they can from you and fix
it where you have to return again and again. Some simply do mediocre
work because they don’t really care about the job or you, and yes,
some are bad and shouldn’t be in business.”

You may read this article directly. The link is

Another typical treatment is the prescription of a growth hormone.
According to WebMD, a respected medical web site, a hormone “is a
substance released by an organ or tissue that controls the activity of
organs or cells in another part of the body.”

Further, WebMD, writes, “Test Overview. Human growth hormone (GH) is
produced by the pituitary gland. I
t is essential for growth and plays
an important role in how the body uses food for energy (a process
called metabolism). The amount of GH in the blood changes throughout
the day and is affected by exercise, sleep, emotional stress, and

Too much GH during childhood can result in excessive growth
(gigantism). Too little GH during childhood can inhibit growth
(dwarfism). However, gigantism and dwarfism can be treated if
discovered early.

In adults, excess GH is usually caused by a noncancerous tumor of the
pituitary gland called an adenoma. Excess GH can lead to an abnormal
bony enlargement of the face, jaw, hands, and feet (acromegaly).

Growth hormone can cause the release of other substances (factors)
that affect growth. One of these is insulin-like growth factor 1
(IGF-1). When the GH level is abnormally high, the IGF-1 level is
usually high as well. A test for IGF-1 may be done to confirm high GH

See an illustration of the pituitary gland.

This test is done on a blood sample taken from a vein. Two blood
samples (taken 1 day apart) may be collected.

Why It Is Done

A test for growth hormone (GH) is done to:

Determine whether a child whose growth is abnormal has dwarfism or
Help determine whether an adult has acromegaly, a condition usually
caused by a GH-secreting tumor of the pituitary gland (called an
Monitor treatment that involves use of GH.
How to Prepare

Fast and limit your physical activity for 12 hours prior to a test for
growth hormone (GH). Since physical activity can interfere with GH
test results, you may be asked to lie down and relax in a quiet room
for 30 minutes before your blood is drawn.

Certain medications can interfere with GH test results, such as
corticosteroids and estrogen (including birth control pills). Your
doctor may instruct you to stop taking these medications prior to this
test. Talk to your doctor about whether these medications need to be
stopped prior to the test.

Recent diagnostic imaging procedures using a radioactive tracer (such
as a thyroid scan or bone scan) can interfere with GH test results.
Inform your doctor if you have recently undergone any test that used a
radioactive tracer.

How It Is Done

Because the blood levels of growth hormone (GH) can change quickly,
more than one blood sample may be taken on different days.

The person drawing blood will wrap an elastic band around your upper
arm to temporarily stop the flow of blood through the veins of your
arm. This makes it easier to put the needle into a vein properly
because the veins below the band get larger and do not collapse

The site where the needle will be inserted is cleaned with alcohol,
and then the needle is inserted into the vein. More than one needle
stick may be needed if the needle does not get placed correctly or if
the vein cannot supply enough blood.

When the needle is properly placed in the vein, a collection tube will
be attached to the needle. Blood will flow into the collection tube.
Sometimes more than one tube of blood is collected.

When enough blood has been collected, the band around your arm will be
removed. A gauze pad or cotton ball is placed over the puncture site
as the needle is withdrawn. Pressure is applied to the puncture site
for several minutes and then a small bandage is often placed over it.

How It Feels

You may feel nothing at all from the needle puncture, or you may feel
a brief sting or pinch as the needle goes through the skin. Some
people feel a stinging pain while the needle is in the vein. However,
many people do not feel any pain (or have only minor discomfort) once
the needle is positioned in the vein. The amount of pain you feel
depends on the skill of the person drawing the blood, the condition of
your veins, and your sensitivity to pain.


There is very little risk of complications from having blood drawn
from a vein. You may develop a small bruise at the puncture site. You
can reduce the risk of bruising by keeping pressure on the site for
several minutes after the needle is withdrawn.

Rarely, the vein may become inflamed (phlebitis) after the blood
sample is taken. Phlebitis is usually treated with a warm compress
applied several times daily.

Continued bleeding can be a problem for people with bleeding
disorders. Aspirin, warfarin (Coumadin), and other blood-thinning
medications can also make bleeding more likely. If you have bleeding
or clotting problems, or if you take blood-thinning medication, tell
the person before your blood is drawn.



Normal results may vary from lab to lab.

Growth hormone

0–5 nanograms per milliliter (ng/mL)

0–10 ng/mL

0–16 ng/mL

After physical or emotional stress (such as exercise or worry about
health problems), growth hormone (GH) levels are normally about 20 to
30 ng/mL.

Greater than normal values may mean

High growth hormone (GH) values may indicate gigantism or acromegaly.
These conditions are often the result of a noncancerous tumor in the
pituitary gland (adenoma).
Increased GH levels may also result from diabetes, kidney disease, or
What Affects the Test

High levels of growth hormone (GH) can be caused by such medications
as amphetamines, estrogens (including birth control pills), levodopa
(Larodopa, Dopar), methyldopa (Aldomet), propranolol (Inderal), and
bromocriptine (Parlodel).
Low blood sugar can cause high GH levels.
Low levels of GH may be caused by chlorpromazine (Thorazine) and
Rough handling, contamination, or inadequate refrigeration of the
blood sample can cause inaccurate test results.
What to Think About

Newer, more sensitive tests are being developed to measure human
growth hormone (GH).
Since normal levels of GH can vary widely, other tests may be done to
confirm the results of a GH test. Additional tests can determine
whether low levels of GH (which can be normal) mean the pituitary
gland is not functioning.
Insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) blood levels are commonly
evaluated along with GH levels. A high level of IGF-1 along with a
high level of GH is almost always diagnostic of acromegaly. In this
case, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) studies should be done to
evaluate the pituitary gland. For more information, see the medical
test Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) of the Head.
The growth hormone suppression test (also called the glucose loading
test) measures the level of GH in the blood before and after a person
drinks liquid containing a large amount of sugar (glucose). Normally,
the amount of GH drops to less than 1 ng/mL after drinking the
glucose. Levels of GH that remain high may indicate acromegaly.
The growth hormone stimulation test (also called the
insulin tolerance
test) measures the level of GH in the blood before and after insulin
is given through a vein (intravenously). Normally, the amount of GH
increases after the insulin is given (in children the level should be
more than 10 ng/mL; in adults it should be more than 7 ng/mL). A GH
level that does not increase may indicate a GH deficiency.
Author Renée Spengler, RN, BSN
Associate Editor Daniel Greer
Primary Medical Reviewer Adam Husney, MD
– Family Practice
Specialist Medical Reviewer Alan Dalkin, MD
– Endocrinology”

You may read about the growth hormone treatment at the WebMD web site.
At this site you can read about why the hormone is administerd, how
you prepare for the hormone, how it works, how it feels, the risks,
and the results. The link is

You may read a medical definition of hormone online. The link is

Health Library writes that any tonics or special potients to make you
taller are typically scams, “Most tonics to increase height are
unnecessary. You should really wait till the age of 20 before getting
unduly worried about the height of the child.”

You may read this section at the Health Library web site. The link is

You can read a height chart to determine how tall boys generally are
at specific ages at a Kids Growth web site. The link is

You can read a height chart to determine how tall girls generally are
at specific ages at the same site. The link is

Information about kids growing up can be found on the Kids Growth web
site. The link is

A web site that lists several articles about risks and concerns with
the human growth hormone can be found at the Child Health Monitor web
site. The link is

You may read information on the Limb Lengthening and Reconstruction
Society. The link is


Growth Hormones. Growth Hormones can be prescribed by a physician.
Typically these brand name drugs range from $150-$200 a month. If you
have insurance, these drugs will obviously be much less expensive,
depending on what your co-pay is.

Bone Lengthening

The cost of the bone lengthening procedure depends on the complexity
of the procedure and how many inches are required for growth. This
procedure can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $20,000, depending on the
overall health of the patient, the number of bones needed to be
broken, how many pieces the bones will be broken into, and how much
therapy is required afterward. This varies from patient to patient.

Proper Nutrition andExercise

This is by far the least expensive way to improve your height. If
you’re still growing, be sure to help your bones become as strong as
possible, so they’ll be as long and as tall as possible.

It’s important to note that I am not a physician and do not attempt to
offer medical advice. If you have questions about your specific
condition, please contact your physician.

To conduct this research, I searched the following terms: “increase
height” “medical treatment,” “how much” “growth hormone,” “growth
hormone” “prescription drug,” “bone lengthening” procedure

I hope this helps! Please let me know if you need any clarification.
I’m happy to help.

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