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Success Stories: 4/5 inch in 31 days

So, guys, that’s true. A incredible 1,5 cm or 3/5 inch in just 15 days.
To clear out the things, my 181 (5’11.25) height was height in the morning (I just have in mind my maximum height in the morning to feel better ). In the evening I’m 1-1,5 cm (0,4-0,6 inch) shorter. Read the rest of this entry

Success Stories: How She grow Taller


1999- 132cm







2008-163cm (July)

I noticed that I grew a lot more when I was more active which was mainly when I was a kid. So, I decided to get active! Sounds easy enough? Well, not really. I’m a seriously lazy [and kinda spoilt] person…And I loose interest in things fairly quick. So, how on earth was I supposed to stick to a programme? So when I was about 16 I decided that unless I do something about it, I wasn’t going to grow miraculously. I mean, I hadn’t grown much since. I’ve always been one of the “tall girls” because majority of the students in my class were all tiny compared to me, but when I was 16, there were a few who were taller. Some because they had really tall parents but most because they we’re active! I tried to do a stretching programme but due to lack of will power I stopped. And it’s very common for me to do these sorta things. Read the rest of this entry

rmo0017lBasketball player, model, and flight stewardess-what do these three have in common? If you examine them carefully, you’ll see that all those professions are greatly determined by height. Like many other careers, these three professions are only for those who are tall. It’s because of these that many people are looking for ways on how to get taller.

Believe it or not, many individuals are deprived of certain things just because they lack a few inches in their height. Meanwhile, those who do not have the right height often encounter deprivation in their profession, in relationships, and in their social life. If your efforts at work do not receive the necessary recognition just because you’re not tall enough, then you know you’re in a bad situation. And if you’ve always felt awkward dealing with tall people during gatherings and socials, then you’re really in a dilemma. And if you feel ignored by the person you care about because you do not have one ingredient that person is looking for, height, then that’s trouble.

However, while others may simply give up and accept their sad state, you shouldn’t. Sure, if you’re past your puberty stage, you can’t expect to gain five more inches in an instant. But you must know that you can still become a little taller. Read the rest of this entry

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