For any questions, which are not listed here, please do not hesitate to ask in the message board. As sooner or later your question will be answered by someone who knows.

1. When do boys, and girls stop growing?

It is said the stop growing around the age of 21-25(boys) and 17-19(girls) however that has been proven wrong, as in a lot of cases. You may ask at the message board for more details.

2. Do these exercises work? Yes! some people who are persistent and believe that they work, have achieved results. But you have to believe that it works. Have a high will power, and high hopes. Believe in God. He has the might to do anything, anywhere, anytime!.

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3. After how long will I see a difference?

It depends on every individual. And the amount of stretching exercises you do. It could take anytime from 1 week, to 2 months. However some people have seen after about 6 months. The average time is from 3 weeks, to 6 weeks, but if you don’t see any results till then, have patience! and try harder.

4. Have people succeeded by following these methods? Yes! as explained above. People have gained up to 4 inches in height, by following these journals. I do not have to lie, as I don’t get anything out of it!

5. Can I grow 5 inches in 5 months? I am not a doctor, physco, or anything like that! I’m a plain individual just like you, who has provided you with free information. I don’t know whether you can grow an inch or not! my guess is as good as yours.

6. How can I purchase the journals?

Cheapest Ambien With Quick Delivery The don’t have to purchase them! they are there FREE on the site. Just go and access them, and use them whenever you want.

7. How can I download the journals? Go to file, and save. That’s all! otherwise if you have a printer handy, just print them directly.

8. Where did all this info come from?

People are selling these journals over the internet. I happened to buy them, and the kind hearted person I am, didn’t want other people wasting or risking their money. So I’ve put them on the website for everyone to use, for FREE. However some info was contributed by Medman and other visitors.

9. Can you tell me some good exercises? As I said, i’m not a doctor or anything! I don’t know of any other exercises! however if you do, then please mail them to the webmaster, so he can provide them to all.

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Legal Ambien Online 10. I’ve been doing the exercises, but don’t see any difference!

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Sorry mate! all I can say, is Try Harder! Double your effort, and still believe that god has the might to change anything at anytime.

11. Which journal or exercises should I follow?

Its up to you, but most people use the first journal, as its easy and simple. But combine it with exercises from other journals too.

12. Why do the journals take so long in loading?

The amount of information on this web, is very high. So if it does take long, then please wait. As good things come to those who wait.

13. Is there any other way to grow taller, than exercising? Yes! a proven method is the Ilzarvos (if that’s how its spelt) method. It is a process of limb lengthening, which provides you up to 7 cm of height. However it is expensive $10,000’s. But its proven to work. Its happening in Russia. Please go to the links page to find where.