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We have a certain image or idea of beauty and it mainly revolves around taller people. For some reason taller people have always been looked up to and we see them as being glamorous and beautiful. That makes sense considering that the average supermodel is about six feet tall. While there’s no magical potion that’s going to add to your height, there are different things that you can do if you want to grow taller today.


One of the most important life changes to help a person grow taller today has to do with their diet. The body needs vitamins and minerals to get strong and grow, so it’s important to base meals around fresh fruits and vegetables. Calcium is also important and can be found in milk and other dairy products. For people who are lactose intolerant, dietary supplements are available to help fill the gap.

There are also certain stretching exercises which work to lengthen the limbs and help you grow taller today as a result. There are a few in particular which work to lengthen the limbs and make you taller as a result. Lunges are effective and are very easy to do. Then you want to start bending down slightly, making sure to bend at the knees.

Then bend down slightly bending with the knees, until the tops of the legs are parallel with the floor. Make sure that you aren’t feeling any pain because this means that you’ve gone too far and could end up spraining your muscles. You should feel a slight burning in the backs of your thighs and this means that you’re doing the exercise correctly. Toe touches will also help to lengthen your legs and thus make you taller.

Sit on the floor with legs spread apart, then reach towards one foot with both hands. If not, only go as far as you can before stopping and holding for a count of ten because you don’t want to sprain anything. Release and repeat on the other leg, continue this for about fifteen reps. By following these ideas to grow taller today you can add to your height and make sure to keep track of your progress so you can see just how much taller you get along the way.

For more information on how to grow taller, Click Here.

Most people want to be taller, even if they’re already quite tall.  Being tall makes people feel happier, more confident and more attractive to others.  While surgery is one definite route that people can take when they want to add to their height, it’s not always the best choice.  There are simpler things that you can try if you want to grow taller, including performing grow taller stretching exercises.

Lunges are one of the best types of grow taller stretching exercises that you want to start including in your regular workout routine.  To perform a lunge you start in standing position with your feet shoulder-width apart, facing frontwards.  Then you want to take a step forward with your right foot and as you do so, lean down with it until your right thigh is parallel with the floor.  Hold this position for a count of five and then return to your starting position and repeat with the opposite leg.

 Return to starting position and repeat with the other leg, following up with ten repetitions on each leg.  This tells you that you’re doing the exercise properly.  Another of the best grow taller stretching exercises is the toe touching exercise.  These probably make you reminisce of gym class in high school.

 Start in a sitting position and spread your legs apart, then reach down with both hands towards one of your feet.  Then you take both your hands and reach down towards your toe, keeping your arms straight as you go.  You don’t want to pull any muscles and some people won’t be as flexible starting out.  Over time as you continue to practice and grow taller, you’ll find yourself becoming more flexible.

 These are the two best grow taller stretching exercises that you can practice, and it’s best to incorporate them into the beginning and end of each workout for the best results.  As long as you’re eating a nutritious diet, you’ll probably be surprised at just how much height you can gain and in such a short time.  Keep track of your growth with a height chart.  Milk is also essential because the calcium helps build strong, healthy bones which in turn will make you taller.

For more information on how to grow taller, Click Here.

100 Exercises to Grow Taller (part 5)


Exercise 69:

  • a)     Standing position.
  • Arms outstretched above the head.  Hands open and together.
  • Feet together and solidly positioned. Stretch completely.
  • Concentrate Deeply.
  • b)    Crouch down as shown, sending out your arms horizontally.
  • Stretch forward.  Cross your thumbs to help you stretch further.
  • Breathing: Exhale through the mouth as you crouch; inhale through the nose as you stand.
  • Never do your exercises quickly.  For this exercise, take the time to stretch upwards and to stretch forwards.

Exercise 70:

  • a)     Lying on your back. Arms outstretched at shoulder level.
  • Legs straight and well apart.
  • Stretch your legs as though you were pushing on an imaginary box with your feet.
  • b)    Bring your right hand over to touch the left hand.
  • Stretch out your right hand as far as possible.
  • Repeat this movement with the left hand.
  • Important:  Your legs must stay glued to the floor.  Do each training session with vigour.

Exercise 71:

  • a)     On your knees. Arms stretched upwards. Stretch completely.
  • Take a moment to concentrate.
  • Never do your exercises haphazardly.
  • Remember that anything is worth doing, is worth Doing Well.
  • b)    Inhaling through the nose, lean your chest and head backwards.
  • With hands clasped, try to touch an imaginary object that is far back.
  • Return slowly, exhaling through the mouth.  Then rest a bit to start this difficult exercise over again.
  • You shouldn’t sit on your heels but bend at the kidney level.
  • A very good exercise!

Exercise 72:

  • a)     It is preferable that you stretch out on an inclined bench or abdominal board.
  • Lift your heels a couple of inches ( 5cm) from the floor and point your toes out as shown.
  • Concentrate totally and stretch out fully.
  • Make sure that your hands are holding the board securely.
  • b)    Exhaling completely, raise your legs over your head and push out as far as you can.  Give a few jerks to stretch even more.
  • Try to keep your legs straight and taut.
  • Return Slowly to the initial position and stretch energetically.  Imagine you are pushing a box.
  • Reminder: Your feet don’t touch the floor.


Exercise 73:

  • a)     In the lunging position.
  • Right leg bent at the knee, left leg stretched back as shown (or vice versa). Arms stretched upwards.
  • Lock your thumbs if it helps you stretch more.
  • b)    Lean your chest forward exhaling fully.
  • Stretch Forward for the regulation three seconds.
  • Notice that your feet stay firmly in place.
  • I invite you to re-read and think about the section dealing on Will-Power.

Exercise 74:

  • a)     Sitting position.  Feet hooked or held securely.  Hands on hips.
  • Bend your head forward as much as possible.
  • b)    The object of this exercise is to form a large Circle with your head.
  • To avoid getting dizzy, make one circle starting from the right and the other circle starting from the left.
  • Expand the size of the circle a bit each day.
  • Be Concious of your stretch towards the front, to the right, towards the back and to the left.

Exercise 75:

  • a)     Suspended from a horizontal bar. Toes pointing to the floor.
  • Concentrate on your spine that is stretching and becoming more supple.
  • b)    Raise your right knee towards your chest, while you stretch the other leg downwards.
  • Lower the right knee and stretch out completely as you tighten your feet.
  • Now raise your left knee and do as you did for the right knee.
  • When you have completed your exercises remain suspended for a minute while you stretch each leg alternately.

Exercise 76:

  • a)     Lying, head down on an inclined bench.
  • Fingers intertwined at the nape of the neck.
  • Legs straight and taut. Feet held or hooked securely
  • b)    Briskly raise your head and chest, exhaling fully.
  • Bring your right elbow to your left knee.  Return to initial position Slowly. Then bring your left elbow to your right knee.


Exercise 77:

  • a)     Standing position. Legs apart to assure better stability.
  • Arms behind your back as shown. Hands together.
  • Stomach in; chest out and stretch
  • b)    Bend forward at the waist, bringing your arms up to a vertical position.  Give a few jerks to stretch further.
  • Breathe very deeply.  Exhale while bending, maintain this position for three (3) seconds and stretch.  Inhale through the nose while returning to the initial position.
  • Always do your best.  Be Excellent in everything, at all the time.

Exercise 78:

  • a)     Legs apart. Upper body bent at the waist.
  • Body forms a ninety (90) degree angle.
  • Hands clenching a bar as shown.
  • b)    Ask a friend to exert some pressure on the upper part of your back, while you stretch.
  • Stretch for a few seconds and relax.
  • Resume the exercise for the number of times of your choosing.

Exercise 79:

  • a)     Suspended from a horizontal bar.
  • Thumbs wrapped around the bar.
  • b)    Execute the splits.
  • For three seconds, keep the right leg forward and stretch; keep the left leg back and stretch; as shown.
  • Repeat the exercise, switching the position of your legs.
  • When you have finished your exercises remain suspended for at least one minute.

Exercise 80:

  • a)     Sitting on an exercise bench or table.
  • Feet secured or held by a friend.
  • Arms raised over your head while holding a weight of no more than 5lbs (2 kg). Stretch upwards energetically.
  • b)    Lower yourself very slowly, very gently because this movement is very difficult. When your body is horizontal, stretch out.
  • Breathe correctly.  Inhale through the nose while lowering; Exhale through the mouth while returning to the sitting position.
  • Perfect this exercise as the days go by; increase the degree of extension.


Exercise 81:

  • a)     You have started your sixth month of training.  In four weeks you will have completed the regular growth course.
  • Give it all you’ve got! Put in a little more effort. For this exercise;
  • Sitting position. Legs bent at the knee. Feet apart.
  • Arms stretched upwards as tightly as possible.
  • b)    Lean forward exhaling through the mouth.
  • Hold arms parallel to the floor and stretch vigorously.
  • Keep your thumbs locked for better results.
  • Once you have returned to the initial position, stretch upwards.
  • Reminder: Stretching for the regulation 3 seconds is still in effect.  I cant repeat this rule often enough.  I truly believe in its value.

Exercise 82:

  • a)     Suspended form a horizontal bar.
  • Grip the bar tightly; thumbs wrapped around the bar.
  • Toes pointing downwards. Keep your legs straight and taut.
  • Concentrate all your thoughts on your spine that is stretching.  Close your eyes and concentrate intensely.
  • Note: This exercise could be done a Swedish rib-stall.
  • b)    Spread your legs as far as you can, inhaling deeply through the nose.
  • Stretch for three seconds. Give a few jerks to increase the stretch.
  • Bring your legs together while exhaling completely.
  • Place a lot of Importance on your Breathing.  It is a major factor to maintain good health.

Exercise 83:

  • a)     Sitting position. Legs well apart.
  • Arms thrown back at shoulder height.
  • Head is kept straight.
  • b)    Your right hand is brought forward to touch your left foot, while your left arm is thrown further back as shown.
  • Your head turns with the upper body and your eyes follow your left hand. Reminder: Spread your legs as far as possible.
  • Always aim for perfection when doing your exercises.
  • Breathing: Exhale while your hand reaches out for your foot.  Inhale when you return to the initial position.

Exercise 84:

  • a)     Suspended form a horizontal bar.
  • Reminder: Repeat this saying often: “Everyday I Grow by exercising”
  • b)    The object here is to form a large circle with your outstretched legs.
  • Trace the circle in your mind.  Concentrate on your feet as they form the circle.
  • Stretch forwards, to the right, to the back and to the left.
  • Start the first circle from the right side.  The next circle from the left, and so on.
  • When you have finished your exercises, take the time to stretch, pointing your toes downwards.  Close your eyes and alternately stretch the right leg then the left leg.

Exercise 85:

  • a)     Lying on an exercise bench, on your side.
  • Upper body is off the bench as shown.
  • Feet are securely held or hooked.
  • Fingers intertwined at the nape of the neck.
  • Elbows well back.
  • b)    Bend upwards while exhaling.
  • Give a few jerks to stretch even more.
  • When you have done the desired number of movements, change sides.
  • When you train, always link quality to quantity.  Ever Better! Ever More!


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Grow Taller Stretching exercises

100 Exercises to Grow

What you need to know about increasing height and 100 Exercises to Grow->>Recommended

Grow Taller Excercise

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100 Exercises to Grow Taller (part 6)


Exercise 86:

  • a)     Lying on your back. Feet together and securely hooked or held.
  • Arms stretched over your head; fingers stretched upwards as far as possible.
  • Before starting, close your eyes, concentrate for a few seconds and stretch out fully.
  • b)    In a quick movement, raise your upper body and place your hands under your calves or under your ankles to increase the stretch.
  • Try to touch your knees with your forehead.
  • Return to the initial position slowly.
  • Exhale fully when you sit up; inhale when you lie down.

Exercise 87:

  • a)     Suspended from a horizontal bar.
  • Legs well apart and outstretched. Toes pointed to the floor.
  • Stretch out fully.
  • b)    Cross your legs as shown, then return to the initial position (spread out).  Repeat for the desired number of times.
  • When you have finished your exercises remain suspended for a full minute and think about your spine becoming longer.

Exercise 88:

  • a)     Sitting position.  Right leg spread out as far as possible.  Left leg folded back as shown.
  • For stability, hold your left ankle and lean your right hand on the floor as shown.
  • b)    Lean forward and try to touch your right knee with your forehead.  Exhale through the mouth while bending.
  • To stretch further, grasp your ankle with your left hand and your foot with your right hand.
  • Inhale through the nose when returning to the initial position.
  • Continue with your usual energy and vigour.

Exercise 89:

  • a)     Suspended on a rib-stall facing in. Hands well apart.
  • Legs and feet together.
  • Think about your spine becoming longer.  Think about your increased strength and agility.
  • b)    Swing your legs to the right and upwards as far as possible.
  • Return to centre and stop to stretch downwards.
  • Now swing to the left and upwards. Stay close to the rib-stall.
  • When you have finished your exercises remain suspended for a minute. This is an excellent exercise.

Exercise 90:

  • a)     Lying on a bench. Feet securely hooked or held by a friend.
  • Upper body hangs over the edge of the bench as shown.
  • Fingers intertwined at the nape of the neck.
  • b)    Twist to the right.  Return to centre.  Then twist to the left.
  • Increase this twist gradually.
  • Let your effort grow a bit each day.
  • Do your exercises with the zeal of a neophyte.  With courage. With vigour, with Determination.


Exercise 91:

  • a)     Sitting on your heels. Arms stretched upwards.
  • Grasp your hands to increase the stretch to your spine.
  • b)    Exhaling through the moth, bow down reverently as shown.
  • Stretch forward for three seconds while holding your breath.
  • Inhaling through the nose, return to the initial position.  Once there, stretch upwards again.

Exercise 92:

  • a)     Stretch out on your back.
  • Arms outstretched over your head, hands open and palms up.
  • Legs together, concentrate and stretch.
  • Bring your right knee up towards your chest forming a ninety degree angle (90)
  • b)    Bring your right knee over to the left until it touches the floor next to your left leg. Return to centre and lower your knee.
  • Now stretch your leg as much as possible.
  • Then do the same exercise with the left leg.
  • Always aim for Excellence.

Exercise 93:

  • a)     Sitting position. Feet hooked or held securely; knees bent.
  • Hands behind your head; elbows thrown back.
  • Upper body inclined mid-way between the lying and sitting position.
  • b)    Twist to the right.  Stretch.  Return to centre and twist to the left.
  • Don’t move briskly.  Increase the degree of your stretch gradually.  In other words, twist as far as you can but don’t push it.

Exercise 94:

  • a)     Suspended on a Swedish rib-stall or a horizontal bar.
  • Legs together. Stretch out Completely.
  • To surpass yourself is to go beyond perfection.  It is to aim for the impossible.
  • b)    Quickly raise your knees to your chest.  Keep them there for a few seconds.
  • Return your knees slowly and stretch downwards for three (3) seconds.
  • I like to repeat this poem “It’s the time, one gives to his body, that defines, its strength, resistance and agility”.

Exercise 95:

  • a)     Sitting on a bench and board as shown.
  • Legs stretched out and taut.
  • Feet hooked or held securely. Head straight.
  • Fingers intertwined at the nape of the neck.
  • b)    Lean backwards over the edge of the bench as far as possible, inhaling through the nose.
  • Hold your breath as you stretch.
  • Return to the sitting position, exhaling through the mouth.


Exercise 96:

  • a)     Suspended on a horizontal bar.
  • Arms parallel; thumbs wrapped around the bar.
  • Cross your feet at the ankles. Relax, loosen up.
  • b)    Quickly bring up your knees to your chest while exhaling.  Raise them as high as possible.
  • Then, slowly, lower your knees, inhaling through the nose.
  • When you have finished your exercises, remain suspended for a full minute in Total Concentration.
  • This exercise is done by champions to strengthen the abdomen and to flex the spinal column.

Exercise 97:

  • a)     Lying on your back.
  • Arms outstretched over your head.  Hold a bar.
  • Legs slightly apart. Stretch! A bit more! And again!.
  • b)    Sit up Briskly.
  • Once in the sitting position, stretch upwards energetically but without giving a jerk.  Stretch for three (3) seconds.

  • c)     Exhaling fully, continue your movement and place the bar as far as possible in from of your feet.
  • Exhale again and try to touch your knees with your forehead.
  • Hold your breath and stretch forward vigorously.
  • d)    Return to initial position, pulling the bar along your body.  Inhale deeply through the nose.
  • Once on your back, stretch your legs and arms and for a few seconds.
  • You are coming to the end of the course.  Double your efforts.  Do your exercises at full potential.  Your body can achieve remarkable Agility.

Exercise 98:

  • a)     This is a basic exercise; The bridge.
  • Lying on your back.
  • Legs bent at the knees; feet flat on the floor.
  • Hands placed next to your head fingers pointing towards your shoulders.
  • b)    By pushing energetically with your fingers and your feet, raise yourself, inhaling through the nose.
  • Raise yourself as high as possible as you through your head back, and hold your breath.
  • Lower yourself slowly exhaling through the mouth.
  • With practice, you could form a bridge supported your thumbs and your toes.

Exercise 99:

  • a)     Suspended on a Swedish rib-stall or horizontal bar.
  • Hands well apart.
  • Before starting, concentrate completely.  Think about the extension and flexibility of your spinal column.
  • The perfect execution to this exercise give very beneficial results.
  • b)    In a quick and decided movement, bring up your knees to your chest.  Once there, swing them to the right keeping your feet together.
  • Return your knees to centre and lower your legs to an outstretched position.
  • Start the exercise over but this time swing your knees to the left.
  • Exhale while raising your knees.  Inhale while lowering them.
  • When you have finished your exercises remain suspended for a full minute. Loosen up! Relax!

Exercise 100:

  • a)     The last exercise but not the least.
  • Buttocks on a bench or foot stool as shown.
  • Feet hooked or held securely.
  • Arms parallel and outstretched over your head towards the floor.  Hold a bar in your hands.  Stretch out your body fully.
  • b)    Pull yourself forwards and stretch upwards for three (3) seconds.  Exhale as you pull yourself up.  Inhaling through the mouth, slowly lower the bar as close to the floor as possible, but without touching the floor.

Congratulations for having completed the regular course.  Perhaps you’d like to continue the course? Or maybe you have decided to devote a few minutes a day to your training from now on.

When we have to make big decisions in life, we are usually left alone.

“Berthelet” Method for Growth.

Sequencing exercises

“I’d rather get a stiff neck from aiming too high than have a hunched back for aiming too low”

As of the fourth month of training, I advise that you add the following four sequencing exercises.  Work on your spinal column in all directions, slowly and effectively.  Increase your strength and flexibility.

Sequencing no. 1

  • 1.     Upwards
  • 2.     Forwards
  • 3.     Upwards
  • 4.     Backwards
  • 5.     To the right
  • 6.     Upwards (centre)
  • 7.     To the left
  • 8.     Upwards (centre)
  • 9.     Start Over!

Sequencing No. 2

  • 1.     Right arm
  • 2.     Centre
  • 3.     Left arm
  • 4.     Centre
  • 5.     Right Leg
  • 6.     Lying flat out stretch fully
  • 7.     Left leg
  • 8.     Lying flat out stretch fully
  • 9.     Start Over

Sequencing No. 3

  • 1.     Centre
  • 2.     Right side
  • 3.     Centre
  • 4.     Left side
  • 5.     Centre
  • 6.     Twist to the right
  • 7.     Centre
  • 8.     Twist to the left
  • 9.     Centre

Upper Body Bent Forward:

  • 1.     Twist to the right
  • 2.     Centre
  • 3.     Twist to the left
  • 4.     Centre
  • 5.     Start Over!

Sequencing No. 4

  • 1.     Stretch out completely
  • 2.     Forwards
  • 3.     Stretch out completely
  • 4.     Backwards
  • 5.     Stretch out completely
  • 6.     Start Over!

Before ending, I invite you to think about this text I found at the Abby in Oka, Quebec home of the white monks of Notre-Dame of the lakt is called:

1.     The biggest handicap is fear.

2.     The most beautiful day is today.

3.     The easiest thing is to fool yourself.

4.     The biggest mistake is to quit.

5.     The worst fault is selfishness.

6.     The best distraction is work.

7.     The work weakness is discouragement.

8.     The best teachers are children.

9.     The greatest need is good sense.

10. The lowest emotion is jealousy.

11. The best gift is forgiveness.

12. The best acquaintance is God.

13. The most beautiful reality in the world is Love.

The End!

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100 Exercises to Grow (part 4)

100 Exercises to Grow


Exercise 53:

  • a)     Standing position. Legs apart and taut. Arms raised over the head.
  • Concentrate very hard and do your exercises perfectly.
  • b)    Read the directions carefully, and re-read them if need be.
  • First of all, twist far to the right.  Then bend from the waist, exhaling through the mouth.
  • Return to centre while stretching upwards to standing position.  Never ever do your exercises routinely.  Do them with intensity and concentration.
  • Now, twist to the left and bend as you did for the right side.

Exercise 54:

  • a)     Sit on a foot stool and board as shown; legs stretched out.
  • Stick your feet under a piece of furniture or have someone hold your ankles securely.
  • Arms crossed.
  • b)    Inhaling through the nose, slowly lean your head back as far as you can. Hold your breathe and stretch counting 1-2-3.
  • Return to sitting position, exhaling through the mouth.
  • Think Positively! By working on a regular basis, you improve in strength and agility.  As for me, I’d like to congratulate you for your enthusiasm and tenacity.

Exercise 55:

  • a)     Standing position. Stand tall.
  • Right arm outstretched in from of you.
  • Legs together and taut. For safety, stand close to a wall.
  • b)    Try to reach your right hand with your right foot, as shown.
  • Keep your right leg very straight. Raise your hand a bit every day.
  • Work your right leg, then do the same number of exercises with the left leg.
  • REMINDER: Don’t fall over… it can easily happen.

Exercise 56:

  • a)     Lying on your back.
  • Place feet on a high stool or bench as shown; legs apart.
  • Hold a light weight, a book at the nape of the neck.
  • Elbows close together.
  • b)    Sit up briskly, exhaling fully through the mouth.
  • Push your elbows between your knees.  Give a few jerks to increase the stretch.
  • Slowly, return to the floor, but before sitting up again, stretch your spinal column, that tree of life.
  • Don’t stop repeating your goal. To Grow! A noble yet demanding objective.


Exercise 57:

  • a)     Standing position. Legs straight and well apart.
  • Hold a small weight in each hand, parallel to each other.
  • Arms high above your head.
  • Stick in your stomach and stretch completely.  This is important.
  • b)    Lean forward pushing your outstretched arms between your legs and stretch as far back as possible for at least three seconds.
  • Return to standing position and stretch upwards for a few precious seconds.
  • Breathing: Exhale while bending; Inhale while straightening.

Exercise 58:

  • a)     Standing position. Legs apart.
  • Back to a wall, feet about twenty (20) inches (50cm) away.
  • Lean head and chest backwards.
  • Fingers touching the wall slightly.
  • Keep your arms parallel.
  • b)    Bend towards the right, sliding your fingers along the wall.
  • Be sure to keep your arms parallel and outstretched.
  • Return to centre position and take the time to stretch again.  Then slide over to the left.
  • Everyday you should try to lower the height of which you touch the wall, without compromising the quality of your training.
  • Remember: To achieve Great things, one must make Great efforts.

Exercise 59:

  • For this exercise, use a Swedish rib-stall.  Failing this, use a horizontal bar.
  • Suspend your body in such a way that it forms an eighty (80) degree angle. Place your feet on a bench so that they are higher than your buttocks.
  • Swing your pelvis to the right, return to centre and remain suspended.  Then swing to the left.
  • When you have completed your exercise, let yourself hang for a while.  See how long you remain suspended and try to improve your time each day.

Exercise 60:

  • a)     Propped on your shoulders. Hands on your hips as shown.
  • Keep legs in a vertical position. Point toes upwards.
  • b)    Keeping your legs very straight, bring your feet to the floor.  Reach as far back as possible behind your head.
  • Give a few jerks and slide your toes a little further back.
  • Exhale while lowering your legs and inhale while raising them to the intial position.
  • Concentrate on stretching both upwards and towards the back.


Exercise 61:

  • a)     Standing position. Legs well apart.
  • Arms outstretched at shoulder height and to the side as shown.  Stretch your body upwards; raise your head.
  • b)    Lean forward to touch your left foot with your right hand.  Return to standing position.  Then touch the right foot, with your left hand. Breathe very deeply.
  • Exhale while bending and inhale while standing.
  • With practice you can eventually touch the floor with your fist or your hand.
  • This week do your training with enthusiasm and conviction.

Exercise 62:

  • a)     Sitting on a bench and board as shown with legs outstretched.
  • Feet firmly secured or held.
  • Arms above your head, thumbs linked. Stretch tightly upwards.
  • b)    Lean your chest and head backwards, Inhaling through the nose.  Stretch back as much as you can.
  • Notice! Your hands do not touch the floor.
  • Return to sitting position.  Take time to rest because this exercise is very demanding of you.  An Excellent Exercise!

Exercise 63:

  • Hang on to horizontal bar or Swedish rib-stall.
  • Arms parallel and toes pointing to the floor.
  • Stretch the right foot.  Then stretch the left foot.  Now stretch both feet.  Imagine you are pushing on an imaginary box.
  • To make this exercise more effective, put on specially made ankle bracelets which weigh a few pounds.
  • See how long you remain suspended and try to improve your time every day.

Exercise 64:

  • a)     Using an exercise bench.
  • Upper body is on the bench while your legs are outstretched off the bench as shown. Hang on to the bench securely.
  • Stretch tightly and don’t let your feet touch the floor.
  • For better results, use metal soles or ankle bracelets for weight.
  • b)    Keeping your legs straight, pull your feet up and over to the back of your head.  Once there, stretch and exhale fully.  Prop yourself up on your shoulders if need be.
  • Slowly return your feet towards the floor.
  • As an added measure of effort, stretch out in the bent position and in the initial position.


Exercise 65:

  • a)     Sitting on a chair or stool. Arms raised over your head.
  • Hands holding a bar. Head up straight. Feet apart.
  • b)    Bend forwards at the waist, exhaling through the mouth.
  • Stretch for a few seconds and hold your breath.
  • Straighten up, inhaling through the nose.
  • Think about what you are doing.
  • Remind yourself about your goal.  Repeat it with every movement.

Exercise 66:

  • a)     Standing position. Legs apart.
  • Arms stretched upwards, holding no more than a 3kg weight.
  • Stretch upwards, as hard as you can, for three (3) seconds.
  • b)    Attention: To get full benefit from this exercise, it must be done correctly.
  • First, twist your torso to the right without moving the pelvic region.  Then, bend at the waist exhaling fully.
  • Return to centre and stretch for three seconds.
  • Twist and Bend to the left. Reminder: Keep legs straight and taut.

Exercise 67:

  • a)     Hang on to a horizontal bar. Palms turned outwards.
  • Thumbs wrapped aroung the bar. Toes pointing to the floor.
  • a)     Bend your arms at the elbow and do a chin-up.  This exercise requires a lot of strength and power.
  • Once you have done your exercises, remain suspended for a full minute.
  • You can vary the distance between your hands;
    • . 45 centimeters;
    • . 65 centimeters;
    • .1 meter.

Exercise 68:

  • a)     Upper body stretched out on a bench.
  • Feet securely hooked or held as shown. Legs stretched.
  • Hold a bar at the shoulders.
  • b)    Lean your torso forwards briskly, and bring your forehead to your knees.
  • While leaning forward, exhale through the mouth; inhale while returning slowly to the initial position.
  • Give a few jerks to bend a bit more.
  • Put all your energy into your exercises.


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