Height is determined by complex combination of environment, genetics, hormones, nutrition and stress. After the completion of puberty, our bodies are genetically programmed to stop growing. There is not much evidence to suggest that it is possible to grow taller after puberty, and main growth phase is during the puberty when complex interplay of nutrients, genes and hormones it at its peak. Stretching exercises has a direct impact on the pituitary glands that help build height. Getting proper sleep is essential to relax mind and body, and it is also vital for the efficient working of growth hormones. To elicit the response, the stretching exercises must be intense, focused and should be maintained at the pace lasting 20-30 minutes. There are certain stretching exercises that help squeeze little more growth hormone, and help grow taller faster. Taking the amino acid glycine as supplement just before or after the work out can marginally stimulate the release of growth hormone.


After a certain age, one of the natural ways to gain height is to stretch your legs and spine, and you need to do stretching exercises that help you decompress the vertebrae, lengthening the spine. Cosmetic leg lengthening procedure can help people gain few extra inches in height, however, it is a very painful, expensive and complex procedure with long recovery times. Make sure that you get eight hours of sleep each day, and while sleeping, the spine must stay in the horizontally straight position. Swimming reduces lots of tension in the body, and provides excellent stretch to stimulate the body to grow taller.

You also need to eat right and avoid foods that stunt the growth. Bar hang and touching toes are also great exercises to gain some height. Vitamins A and D are the most important vitamins that help in bone metabolism, and the adequate daily dose can aid the height gain. It is also important to sleep with the spine in horizontally straight position, and try to sleep without a pillow.

Super stretch is one of the simplest exercises that can be done to gain some height, and all you need to do is to stand, raise your hands high and lean back slightly until you feel the stretch and hold for ten seconds. A good posture helps develop the health of spinal column, preventing backbone deformation and adding extra inches to your height. The best thing about natural methods to gain height is that they do not involve wasting money on inefficient medical procedure and wonder pills. With the help of right exercise, nutrition, posture, and rest, there is a good chance of gaining an inch or two without any unnatural injections or surgeries.

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