Invetion Boots

It is the most effective way to increase your height.
It also a very easy exercise, cheap and fast.
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Releasing your inner Richard Gere

Richard Gere brought inversion boots to our consciousness in 1980’s “American Gigolo.” Whether or not you have a movie star physique, you can enjoy the many benefits of a few minutes upside down every day.

Fit is everything

Take the fit of your inversion boots as seriously as you would if you were buying a pair of hiking boots. Of course, these “boots” just wrap around your ankles, not your feet. Ankles come in a much smaller range of sizes than feet do, so you’ll have less guesswork. Most boots have pads, fitting mechanisms or both to give you a near-custom fit. Seek a great fit for comfort and safety.

Hooking up with gravity

You’ve got your inversion boots on, but now what? You need something secure on which to suspend them (and you). A simple inversion rack or bar can be bolted to a wall or ceiling (call a contractor if you’re not sure how) and allows you to hang completely inverted. You need to be strong, fit, and flexible to get on and off an inversion rack. But you don’t have to look like Richard Gere to benefit from inversion boots. We offer many options for the mortals among us.

Laying it on the table

Your boots can be used with an inversion table. Inversion tables allow you to start out horizontal, so it’s easier to enter and exit the inverted state. Inversion tables also offer a choice of several different inversion angles, insuring there’s a level of therapy appropriate to you.

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