Exercise 17:

Stretch even higher.

  • Walk along as though you are trying to reach for something on a high shelf.
  • It is important to remember breathe fully and well.  To refresh your memory go back and read chapter on breathing.
  • Always shoot for the stars.
  • To GROW is to surpass yourself. To GROW is to go beyond the norm.
  • To GROW is to aim high and to aim tall. Even higher, even taller.

Exercise 18:

  • a)     Standing position
  • Place your back to the wall about fifteen (15) inches (38 cm) away.
  • Feet together. Arms outstretched in front of you.
  • b)    Raise your arms and bend your head and torso backwards.
  • When your fingers touch the wall lightly, stretch.
  • Notice how your fingers slide up the wall.  Always try to go higher.
  • Inhale through the nose when you raise your arms; exhale through the mouth when you return to the starting position.
  • During the exercise your feet should stay glued to the floor.

Exercise 19:

  • a)     Standing position. Legs apart. Arms raised above your head.
  • Pull in your stomach; stick out your chest.
  • For at least three (3) seconds, stretch tall
  • b)    Lean to the right, exhaling through the mouth.  Stretch your arms outwards for three (3) seconds.
  • Return to centre position, inhaling through the nose.
  • Stretch upwards for three (3) seconds.
  • Then lean to the left, meticulously repeating what was done for the right side.
  • The three second stretching principle is Fundamental.  Respect this principle to get the best results.
  • Always seek perfection.

Exercise 20:

  • a)     Lying on your stomach. Place hands behind the neck.
  • Stretch out.  Notice how your feet slide back.
  • b)    Your legs must stay straight and taut for this exercise.
  • Raise the right leg as high and as far back as possible.  Stretch for three (3) seconds.
  • Lower the leg slowly.  Now raise the left leg, repeating the exercise.  Good luck in your training.


Exercise 21:

  • a)     Standing position. Heels together. Arms stretched above the head.
  • Fingers stretched upwards. Stretch out FULLY (maximum height).
  • b)    Bend Over, exhaling through the mouth.  Touch your toes with your fingers.
  • Return to the standing position, inhaling through the nose, slowly.
  • Why not try placing your palms to the floor, gradually?
  • Don’t Forget! Enjoy doing your exercises.  Do them willingly, with liveliness and enthusiasm.
  • Congratulations for your perseverance! Success belongs to those who don’t quit.  Go on!

Exercise 22:

  • a)     Standing Position. Feet well apart.
  • Using a long bar, a broom handle etc.
  • A bar longer than the shoulder width.
  • Stand as straight as a statue
  • b)    Raise the bar over your head.
  • Stretch, stretch again. Still further. Turn to the right.
  • Return to centre, Stretch.Turn to the left.
  • Return to centre and lower the bar to your thighs.
  • Try to avoid moving your hips.
  • Every day, try to increase these movements a little.
  • Don’t be abrupt in your movements.
  • Work carefully, meticulously and gracefully.

Exercise 23:

  • a)     Standing position. Feet together.
  • Arms placed along the body; palms turned to the back.
  • Execute perfect posture.
  • b)    Raise your hands forwards and upwards as far back as possible; inhaling through the nose, move your right leg back as shown.
  • Stretch for three (3) seconds.
  • Return to initial position, exhaling through the mouth.
  • Keep your legs and arms straight and taut.
  • Work the right leg a number of times before changing to the left leg.

Exercise 24:

  • a)     A very good exercise for growing!
  • Lying on your stomach.
  • Place arms forwards; palms facing the floor.
  • Concentrate!
  • b)    Raise your right arm and your left leg simultaneously.
  • Stretch and count up to three, holding your breath.
  • Slowly lower your leg and arm while exhaling.
  • Alternate: raise the left arm and the right leg, inhaling deeply.
  • Take note: always keep legs and arms taut.


Exercise 25:

  • a)     Squatting position. Standing on the tip of your toes.
  • Feet together, heels touching.
  • Palms of your hands facing forwards.
  • Concentrate on what you are about to do.
  • b)    To be beneficial, it is important to follow the directions closely.
  • As you stand up, raise your arms along the side of your body, inhaling through the nose.  Keep your arms straight.
  • When your hands and heels are touching tightly, stretch upwards as shown.
  • Hold your breath while stretching for the regulation three (3) seconds.
  • Return to the squat position, exhaling through the mouth.

Exercise 26:

  • a)     Lying on your stomach.
  • Fingers intertwined at the nape of the neck. Legs together.
  • b)    Raise your chest and elbows, inhaling through the nose.
  • Stretch forwards and hold your breath repeating to yourself: “I am growing, I am growing, I am growing”.
  • Lower yourself very slowly, exhaling through the mouth.
  • Take a few seconds to relax so you can better raise yourself and stretch more.

Exercise 27:

  • a)     Standing position. Legs apart.
  • Elbows bent so fingers touch the top of the head.
  • Push elbows back and raise shoulders.
  • b)    Bend to the right as shown, stretching the left arm as far as possible.  Your stretch must last three (3) seconds.  Don’t forget!
  • Return to centre.  Before you bend to the left, push your elbows back and raise your shoulders once again.
  • As you bend to the right or to the left, exhale through the mouth.  Inhale through the nose as you return to centre.
  • This is an excellent exercise to do with effort and concentration.
  • For Big results, Big efforts are needed.

Exercise 28:

  • a)     Lying on your stomach.
  • Arms slightly bent at the elbows, as shown. Palms down.
  • b)    By pushing with your ten (10) fingers raise your legs.
  • Stretch your legs tightly for the regulation three (3) seconds.
  • Lower your legs slowly. Stretch again.
  • Concentrate to get better results.


Exercise 29:

  • a)     Standing position. Legs apart.
  • Arms outstretched over your head.
  • Don’t start the exercise before being Fully stretched out.
  • b)    Bend forward exhaling fully through the mouth.
  • NOTE: You aren’t trying to touch your toes in this exercise.  The object here is to try to reach for an imaginary box placed far in front of you.
  • Return to the standing position, inhaling through the nose.
  • IMPORTANT: Your arms must remain extended so your biceps touch your head.
  • Have a good week of training.

Exercise 30:

  • a)     Standing position. Legs apart.
  • Fingers intertwined at the nape of the neck.
  • Elbows pushed back.
  • b)    Starting on the right, twist to the side then bend down at the waist, exhaling fully through the mouth.
  • Return to the standing position.  Stretch again.
  • Continue and exercise by twisting and bending to the left.
  • Strive for perfection! Nothing less! Excelsior! Always higher!
  • This should be your motto!

Exercise 31:

  • a)     Stretch out on your stomach.
  • Arms extended forward and palms facing down.
  • Legs and heels together.
  • Stretch out completely.  Fingers creeping forwards and toes creeping backwards.
  • b)    Raise your arms as high as possible, inhaling through the nose.
  • Stretch your arms forwards and hold your breath for three seconds.
  • Lower your arms slowly, exhaling through the mouth.
  • Everyday you should try to carry out your exercises with more vigour and more perfection.

Exercise 32:

  • a)     Standing position. Legs apart. Right arm down at the side.
  • Left arm encircling your head as shown. Stomach in.
  • Pull yourself up as high as possible.  Go for 1/8” (about 3mm) more.
  • b)    Bend to the right, exhaling through the mouth.  Try to reach the floor.
  • Always start your exercises from the right and then go to the left.
  • From the beginning of this course, I have always spoken in terms of excellence, of ideals, of surpassing oneself.  In my opinion, we must always avoid mediocrity and seek to attain absolute perfection.
  • Only dead-heads refuse to make an effort.  What do you think?


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