100 Exercises to Grow


Exercise 53:

  • a)     Standing position. Legs apart and taut. Arms raised over the head.
  • Concentrate very hard and do your exercises perfectly.
  • b)    Read the directions carefully, and re-read them if need be.
  • First of all, twist far to the right.  Then bend from the waist, exhaling through the mouth.
  • Return to centre while stretching upwards to standing position.  Never ever do your exercises routinely.  Do them with intensity and concentration.
  • Now, twist to the left and bend as you did for the right side.

Exercise 54:

  • a)     Sit on a foot stool and board as shown; legs stretched out.
  • Stick your feet under a piece of furniture or have someone hold your ankles securely.
  • Arms crossed.
  • b)    Inhaling through the nose, slowly lean your head back as far as you can. Hold your breathe and stretch counting 1-2-3.
  • Return to sitting position, exhaling through the mouth.
  • Think Positively! By working on a regular basis, you improve in strength and agility.  As for me, I’d like to congratulate you for your enthusiasm and tenacity.

Exercise 55:

  • a)     Standing position. Stand tall.
  • Right arm outstretched in from of you.
  • Legs together and taut. For safety, stand close to a wall.
  • b)    Try to reach your right hand with your right foot, as shown.
  • Keep your right leg very straight. Raise your hand a bit every day.
  • Work your right leg, then do the same number of exercises with the left leg.
  • REMINDER: Don’t fall over… it can easily happen.

Exercise 56:

  • a)     Lying on your back.
  • Place feet on a high stool or bench as shown; legs apart.
  • Hold a light weight, a book at the nape of the neck.
  • Elbows close together.
  • b)    Sit up briskly, exhaling fully through the mouth.
  • Push your elbows between your knees.  Give a few jerks to increase the stretch.
  • Slowly, return to the floor, but before sitting up again, stretch your spinal column, that tree of life.
  • Don’t stop repeating your goal. To Grow! A noble yet demanding objective.


Exercise 57:

  • a)     Standing position. Legs straight and well apart.
  • Hold a small weight in each hand, parallel to each other.
  • Arms high above your head.
  • Stick in your stomach and stretch completely.  This is important.
  • b)    Lean forward pushing your outstretched arms between your legs and stretch as far back as possible for at least three seconds.
  • Return to standing position and stretch upwards for a few precious seconds.
  • Breathing: Exhale while bending; Inhale while straightening.

Exercise 58:

  • a)     Standing position. Legs apart.
  • Back to a wall, feet about twenty (20) inches (50cm) away.
  • Lean head and chest backwards.
  • Fingers touching the wall slightly.
  • Keep your arms parallel.
  • b)    Bend towards the right, sliding your fingers along the wall.
  • Be sure to keep your arms parallel and outstretched.
  • Return to centre position and take the time to stretch again.  Then slide over to the left.
  • Everyday you should try to lower the height of which you touch the wall, without compromising the quality of your training.
  • Remember: To achieve Great things, one must make Great efforts.

Exercise 59:

  • For this exercise, use a Swedish rib-stall.  Failing this, use a horizontal bar.
  • Suspend your body in such a way that it forms an eighty (80) degree angle. Place your feet on a bench so that they are higher than your buttocks.
  • Swing your pelvis to the right, return to centre and remain suspended.  Then swing to the left.
  • When you have completed your exercise, let yourself hang for a while.  See how long you remain suspended and try to improve your time each day.

Exercise 60:

  • a)     Propped on your shoulders. Hands on your hips as shown.
  • Keep legs in a vertical position. Point toes upwards.
  • b)    Keeping your legs very straight, bring your feet to the floor.  Reach as far back as possible behind your head.
  • Give a few jerks and slide your toes a little further back.
  • Exhale while lowering your legs and inhale while raising them to the intial position.
  • Concentrate on stretching both upwards and towards the back.


Exercise 61:

  • a)     Standing position. Legs well apart.
  • Arms outstretched at shoulder height and to the side as shown.  Stretch your body upwards; raise your head.
  • b)    Lean forward to touch your left foot with your right hand.  Return to standing position.  Then touch the right foot, with your left hand. Breathe very deeply.
  • Exhale while bending and inhale while standing.
  • With practice you can eventually touch the floor with your fist or your hand.
  • This week do your training with enthusiasm and conviction.

Exercise 62:

  • a)     Sitting on a bench and board as shown with legs outstretched.
  • Feet firmly secured or held.
  • Arms above your head, thumbs linked. Stretch tightly upwards.
  • b)    Lean your chest and head backwards, Inhaling through the nose.  Stretch back as much as you can.
  • Notice! Your hands do not touch the floor.
  • Return to sitting position.  Take time to rest because this exercise is very demanding of you.  An Excellent Exercise!

Exercise 63:

  • Hang on to horizontal bar or Swedish rib-stall.
  • Arms parallel and toes pointing to the floor.
  • Stretch the right foot.  Then stretch the left foot.  Now stretch both feet.  Imagine you are pushing on an imaginary box.
  • To make this exercise more effective, put on specially made ankle bracelets which weigh a few pounds.
  • See how long you remain suspended and try to improve your time every day.

Exercise 64:

  • a)     Using an exercise bench.
  • Upper body is on the bench while your legs are outstretched off the bench as shown. Hang on to the bench securely.
  • Stretch tightly and don’t let your feet touch the floor.
  • For better results, use metal soles or ankle bracelets for weight.
  • b)    Keeping your legs straight, pull your feet up and over to the back of your head.  Once there, stretch and exhale fully.  Prop yourself up on your shoulders if need be.
  • Slowly return your feet towards the floor.
  • As an added measure of effort, stretch out in the bent position and in the initial position.


Exercise 65:

  • a)     Sitting on a chair or stool. Arms raised over your head.
  • Hands holding a bar. Head up straight. Feet apart.
  • b)    Bend forwards at the waist, exhaling through the mouth.
  • Stretch for a few seconds and hold your breath.
  • Straighten up, inhaling through the nose.
  • Think about what you are doing.
  • Remind yourself about your goal.  Repeat it with every movement.

Exercise 66:

  • a)     Standing position. Legs apart.
  • Arms stretched upwards, holding no more than a 3kg weight.
  • Stretch upwards, as hard as you can, for three (3) seconds.
  • b)    Attention: To get full benefit from this exercise, it must be done correctly.
  • First, twist your torso to the right without moving the pelvic region.  Then, bend at the waist exhaling fully.
  • Return to centre and stretch for three seconds.
  • Twist and Bend to the left. Reminder: Keep legs straight and taut.

Exercise 67:

  • a)     Hang on to a horizontal bar. Palms turned outwards.
  • Thumbs wrapped aroung the bar. Toes pointing to the floor.
  • a)     Bend your arms at the elbow and do a chin-up.  This exercise requires a lot of strength and power.
  • Once you have done your exercises, remain suspended for a full minute.
  • You can vary the distance between your hands;
    • . 45 centimeters;
    • . 65 centimeters;
    • .1 meter.

Exercise 68:

  • a)     Upper body stretched out on a bench.
  • Feet securely hooked or held as shown. Legs stretched.
  • Hold a bar at the shoulders.
  • b)    Lean your torso forwards briskly, and bring your forehead to your knees.
  • While leaning forward, exhale through the mouth; inhale while returning slowly to the initial position.
  • Give a few jerks to bend a bit more.
  • Put all your energy into your exercises.


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