Exercise 69:

  • a)     Standing position.
  • Arms outstretched above the head.  Hands open and together.
  • Feet together and solidly positioned. Stretch completely.
  • Concentrate Deeply.
  • b)    Crouch down as shown, sending out your arms horizontally.
  • Stretch forward.  Cross your thumbs to help you stretch further.
  • Breathing: Exhale through the mouth as you crouch; inhale through the nose as you stand.
  • Never do your exercises quickly.  For this exercise, take the time to stretch upwards and to stretch forwards.

Exercise 70:

  • a)     Lying on your back. Arms outstretched at shoulder level.
  • Legs straight and well apart.
  • Stretch your legs as though you were pushing on an imaginary box with your feet.
  • b)    Bring your right hand over to touch the left hand.
  • Stretch out your right hand as far as possible.
  • Repeat this movement with the left hand.
  • Important:  Your legs must stay glued to the floor.  Do each training session with vigour.

Exercise 71:

  • a)     On your knees. Arms stretched upwards. Stretch completely.
  • Take a moment to concentrate.
  • Never do your exercises haphazardly.
  • Remember that anything is worth doing, is worth Doing Well.
  • b)    Inhaling through the nose, lean your chest and head backwards.
  • With hands clasped, try to touch an imaginary object that is far back.
  • Return slowly, exhaling through the mouth.  Then rest a bit to start this difficult exercise over again.
  • You shouldn’t sit on your heels but bend at the kidney level.
  • A very good exercise!

Exercise 72:

  • a)     It is preferable that you stretch out on an inclined bench or abdominal board.
  • Lift your heels a couple of inches ( 5cm) from the floor and point your toes out as shown.
  • Concentrate totally and stretch out fully.
  • Make sure that your hands are holding the board securely.
  • b)    Exhaling completely, raise your legs over your head and push out as far as you can.  Give a few jerks to stretch even more.
  • Try to keep your legs straight and taut.
  • Return Slowly to the initial position and stretch energetically.  Imagine you are pushing a box.
  • Reminder: Your feet don’t touch the floor.


Exercise 73:

  • a)     In the lunging position.
  • Right leg bent at the knee, left leg stretched back as shown (or vice versa). Arms stretched upwards.
  • Lock your thumbs if it helps you stretch more.
  • b)    Lean your chest forward exhaling fully.
  • Stretch Forward for the regulation three seconds.
  • Notice that your feet stay firmly in place.
  • I invite you to re-read and think about the section dealing on Will-Power.

Exercise 74:

  • a)     Sitting position.  Feet hooked or held securely.  Hands on hips.
  • Bend your head forward as much as possible.
  • b)    The object of this exercise is to form a large Circle with your head.
  • To avoid getting dizzy, make one circle starting from the right and the other circle starting from the left.
  • Expand the size of the circle a bit each day.
  • Be Concious of your stretch towards the front, to the right, towards the back and to the left.

Exercise 75:

  • a)     Suspended from a horizontal bar. Toes pointing to the floor.
  • Concentrate on your spine that is stretching and becoming more supple.
  • b)    Raise your right knee towards your chest, while you stretch the other leg downwards.
  • Lower the right knee and stretch out completely as you tighten your feet.
  • Now raise your left knee and do as you did for the right knee.
  • When you have completed your exercises remain suspended for a minute while you stretch each leg alternately.

Exercise 76:

  • a)     Lying, head down on an inclined bench.
  • Fingers intertwined at the nape of the neck.
  • Legs straight and taut. Feet held or hooked securely
  • b)    Briskly raise your head and chest, exhaling fully.
  • Bring your right elbow to your left knee.  Return to initial position Slowly. Then bring your left elbow to your right knee.


Exercise 77:

  • a)     Standing position. Legs apart to assure better stability.
  • Arms behind your back as shown. Hands together.
  • Stomach in; chest out and stretch
  • b)    Bend forward at the waist, bringing your arms up to a vertical position.  Give a few jerks to stretch further.
  • Breathe very deeply.  Exhale while bending, maintain this position for three (3) seconds and stretch.  Inhale through the nose while returning to the initial position.
  • Always do your best.  Be Excellent in everything, at all the time.

Exercise 78:

  • a)     Legs apart. Upper body bent at the waist.
  • Body forms a ninety (90) degree angle.
  • Hands clenching a bar as shown.
  • b)    Ask a friend to exert some pressure on the upper part of your back, while you stretch.
  • Stretch for a few seconds and relax.
  • Resume the exercise for the number of times of your choosing.

Exercise 79:

  • a)     Suspended from a horizontal bar.
  • Thumbs wrapped around the bar.
  • b)    Execute the splits.
  • For three seconds, keep the right leg forward and stretch; keep the left leg back and stretch; as shown.
  • Repeat the exercise, switching the position of your legs.
  • When you have finished your exercises remain suspended for at least one minute.

Exercise 80:

  • a)     Sitting on an exercise bench or table.
  • Feet secured or held by a friend.
  • Arms raised over your head while holding a weight of no more than 5lbs (2 kg). Stretch upwards energetically.
  • b)    Lower yourself very slowly, very gently because this movement is very difficult. When your body is horizontal, stretch out.
  • Breathe correctly.  Inhale through the nose while lowering; Exhale through the mouth while returning to the sitting position.
  • Perfect this exercise as the days go by; increase the degree of extension.


Exercise 81:

  • a)     You have started your sixth month of training.  In four weeks you will have completed the regular growth course.
  • Give it all you’ve got! Put in a little more effort. For this exercise;
  • Sitting position. Legs bent at the knee. Feet apart.
  • Arms stretched upwards as tightly as possible.
  • b)    Lean forward exhaling through the mouth.
  • Hold arms parallel to the floor and stretch vigorously.
  • Keep your thumbs locked for better results.
  • Once you have returned to the initial position, stretch upwards.
  • Reminder: Stretching for the regulation 3 seconds is still in effect.  I cant repeat this rule often enough.  I truly believe in its value.

Exercise 82:

  • a)     Suspended form a horizontal bar.
  • Grip the bar tightly; thumbs wrapped around the bar.
  • Toes pointing downwards. Keep your legs straight and taut.
  • Concentrate all your thoughts on your spine that is stretching.  Close your eyes and concentrate intensely.
  • Note: This exercise could be done a Swedish rib-stall.
  • b)    Spread your legs as far as you can, inhaling deeply through the nose.
  • Stretch for three seconds. Give a few jerks to increase the stretch.
  • Bring your legs together while exhaling completely.
  • Place a lot of Importance on your Breathing.  It is a major factor to maintain good health.

Exercise 83:

  • a)     Sitting position. Legs well apart.
  • Arms thrown back at shoulder height.
  • Head is kept straight.
  • b)    Your right hand is brought forward to touch your left foot, while your left arm is thrown further back as shown.
  • Your head turns with the upper body and your eyes follow your left hand. Reminder: Spread your legs as far as possible.
  • Always aim for perfection when doing your exercises.
  • Breathing: Exhale while your hand reaches out for your foot.  Inhale when you return to the initial position.

Exercise 84:

  • a)     Suspended form a horizontal bar.
  • Reminder: Repeat this saying often: “Everyday I Grow by exercising”
  • b)    The object here is to form a large circle with your outstretched legs.
  • Trace the circle in your mind.  Concentrate on your feet as they form the circle.
  • Stretch forwards, to the right, to the back and to the left.
  • Start the first circle from the right side.  The next circle from the left, and so on.
  • When you have finished your exercises, take the time to stretch, pointing your toes downwards.  Close your eyes and alternately stretch the right leg then the left leg.

Exercise 85:

  • a)     Lying on an exercise bench, on your side.
  • Upper body is off the bench as shown.
  • Feet are securely held or hooked.
  • Fingers intertwined at the nape of the neck.
  • Elbows well back.
  • b)    Bend upwards while exhaling.
  • Give a few jerks to stretch even more.
  • When you have done the desired number of movements, change sides.
  • When you train, always link quality to quantity.  Ever Better! Ever More!


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