It’s the time, one gives to his body, that defines its strength, resistance and agility

There are hundreds of examples of perseverance in all facets of life.  A man who has always fascinated me is the great scientist Louis Pasteur.  This man couldn’t say ‘No’ to his work or his duty.  He wasn’t afraid of self-sacrifice, afraid to answer the inner feeling to surpass himself.  This man strived to respect his own motto; “Work, Forever Work”

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You have undoubtedly known someone who believed in a cause.  They succeed because they truly believe in what they are doing.  They use every available means to achieve their goals honestly.  They know how to stir peoples enthusiasm.  When you believe, anything is possible.  When you believe, you can collect great amounts of money.  Terry Fox, the one-legged runner, is a perfect example of courage and determination.  When he lost his fight against cancer he had nonetheless collected over twenty-two million dollars to fight the disease that had taken his first leg.

Let me give you a few tips now, or suggestions which can help you persevere.

1. Continuity

Don’t start off like a lion! What is more important is that you work out with regularity.  Work out just fifteen (15) minutes a day on your growth.  I said “PER DAY”, and don’t rush through it.

2. Discipline

I firmly believe that to attain any goal you need self-discipline.  You should always finish what you start.  Remember that people like Vladislov Tretiak could only have gotten where he did by putting in hours of training and that takes self-discipline.

3. Use of Time

In your daily routine, put aside a specific time slot for your training; and Stick to it.

4. Evaluation

It is always good to reflect on the efforts of the week, to evaluate your progress to correct lapses in your training.

5. Persistence

You must not quit even though after a month, you haven’t grown a bit.  Double your efforts instead of becoming discouraged.  Difficulties are there to be overcome, and new frontiers are there to be crossed.

6. Victory

Some night you may not feel like doing your exercises.  Don’t give in!.  All you have to take is the first step.  Put on your exercise outfit and begin.  You will be proud of yourself for overcoming a temporary weakness.

7. Friends

Perhaps you prefer to train alone.  Then again, you may like to train with a friend or friends.  This could create a competitive edge that would encourage everyone concerned.  Healthy competition helps to encourage perseverance.

8. Adversity

Don’t bother with those people who may laugh at you. Mock your efforts.  Pursue your training vigorously.  You will, in time, amaze people with your flexibility.  Time will prove that you were right.

9. Habit

A student told me this story; “One night, I was about to fall asleep when all of a sudden I realized that I had forgotten to do my exercises.  I immediately got up and did them all”.  This is a beautiful example of tenacity and courage.  If you should forget to do your exercises, double your efforts the following day.  It is my hope that you all achieve the quiet strength that comes from forming habits, which lead you to success.

10. Temporary pauses

Serious or uncontrollable circumstances may force you to interrupt your exercises.  Don’t quit because of them.  Start up again as soon as possible.

11. Auto-Suggestion

Practice auto-suggestion or self-hypnosis on a regular basis.  By auto-suggestion I mean a constant repetition of positive thoughts stated briefly.  For example; “Everyday I grow by exercising”.  Before falling asleep at night repeat this statement and your subconscious will help you do what you set out to do.

12. Concentration

You should also practice total concentration.  Concentration being the capacity to give your all to an activity, casting out all distractions.  It will allow you to achieve better results and this in turn will encourage you to go on.  Don’t do your exercises mechanically.  Reflect, think and question yourself on how such and such a movement stretches your spinal column.  Are you stretching upwards, downwards, towards the front or the back, to the right or to the left?

13. Stand Tall

Be a champion of perseverance.  Don’t be a quitter or inconstant a slow-poke or spineless.

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To persevere is to finish what you start.  Finishing despite the monotony, boredom or weariness.  It is going on despite setbacks or the mockery of others.

To persevere is to go through your exercises day after day with conviction and unshakeable enthusiasm.

Perseverance is the road to success, the key to achievement, the way to victory.


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