Faster, Higher, Stronger

Which sports help you grow?

The answer is simple: all sports activities that stretch your legs and your spine slowly but surely are advisable.

Id like to draw your attention to two sports in particular; swimming and cycling. Swimming is considered to be an all round sport. It calls on every part of your boday and its organisms. You can easily adapt the principles mentioned in this book to several types of swimming strokes. Personally I recommend the crawl and the breast stroke.

cats swim, grow taller

As for cycling, it is a sport that helps to stretch your legs providing the seat and the handle-bar are sufficiently high. As you grow, remember to raise both parts of the bicycle to suit your height.

On the other hand, lifting weights which compresses the meniscus of your spinal column is to be avoided. Heavy weights do not help to elongate the spine. If you use weights, let it always be with the specific purpose of increasing your ability to stretch.

Make a habit of stretching your legs and your torso. In time, it will become second nature to you.

Being is living. Live in good health. Live in physical, intellectual, moral and spiritual health. Do not simply exist, live fully and stand tall.


Eat well, exercise regularly and aim high! Be an accomplished athlete, dont be obese or a walking skeleton.

Dont pollute contaminate or poison yourself, and others with cigarettes, drugs and alcohol.

LIVE and strive for perfection in all!


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