Exercise and workout motivation comes from seeing results. Exercise motivation and Height increase comes from setting goals, sticking to them, and watching your height. These exercise motivation tips will give you the motivation you need to get taller.
Make exercise your top priority
Plan each day around your workout. Instead of trying to exercise as little as possible, plan your day to include up to 60 minutes of exercise. After working out, you’ll feel alert and energetic. When you exercise regularly, your energy level will soar. A higher energy level will lead to exercise motivation and diet success.

To be taller, think positively about exercise
When you think positively about an activity, it makes that activity infinitely easier to do. Think these thoughts: “I feel better when I exercise. I’m getting closer to my height increase goal every day. I’m taking control of my health.”

Develop the mindset of a champion
How do you suppose elite athletes train for competitions? Do you think they only workout once or twice a week? Do you think they skip workouts when they don’t feel like exercising? Champions have one goal-winning! Champions don’t give up. Think like a champion!

Set goals
Winners at height increase set specific, realistic, and obtainable goals. List your long-term, monthly, and weekly height increase goals. For example: I will increase my height by 2 inches. I will increase 1/2 inches per month. I will exercise 5 days per week. I will exercise 30-60 minutes per day. Obtaining your weekly weight loss goal will motivate you to work toward your monthly and long-term goal.

Get support
Join a health club. Hire a certified personal trainer to teach you the exercise. Choose a personal trainer over working out with a friend. Paid professionals will be there to workout at a designated time. Consistent workouts lead to results, which leads to more exercise motivation.

Take 10
On those days when you absolutely do not want to workout, decide you’ll just do 10 minutes. Once you begin your workout, you’ll want to do more. Telling yourself you’re only going to do 10 minutes will make it easier to start your workout.

Reward yourself along the way
Don’t wait until you get to your ideal weight to reward yourself. Do something special every time you lose 5 pounds. Treat yourself to a massage, new clothes, golf, a special night out, or a weekend getaway. Plan a trip to celebrate your future weight loss victory.

Think of exercise as an exciting challenge
The battle rages between your determined self and your lazy self. Never give into your lazy self when it wants to skip workouts. Listen to your determined self and drive to the health club. Affirm hundreds of times daily, “I will win. I will win. I will win.” It won’t take long before your lazy self realizes it will lose.

Focus on the immediate benefits of exercise
Exercise steadily improves your health and appearance. Exercise relieves stress, improves your strength, energy level, and attitude almost immediately. Taking time to exercise means you’ll eliminate the guilt from not doing it. It won’t be long before your clothes will fit better and you’ll feel lighter on your feet.

Be patient with your height increase goal
If you think you’re not increase your height fast enough, think, “I’d rather be taller 1 to 2 inches per month than be shorter forever!” Relentless determination, persistence, and patience will lead to height increase success.

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