It’s been said that the pitching arms of some baseball players are half an inch longer than their non-pitching arms. Also, some Muy Thai kickboxers have abnormally longer legs than an average person. You might ask: “if growing longer legs is so easy, then why doesn’t every short person enroll in a kickboxing class?”

The answer is: NOT every baseball pitcher has a longer arm… NOT every kickboxer has longer legs. In a baseball pitcher, it’s difficult for the pitching lower arm to successfully grow longer because the joint/cartilage at the ends of the bone (cartilage of elbow and wrist) absorb all the shock as soon a forward force is exerted.

New Theories & Shinbone 2009 Concepts

* The new theory is simple: In order for bones to remodel effectively, 2 forces must be exerted in opposite directions. The upper portion of the shin should be pulled upward and the bottom part should be stretched downward. This is the same concept that bone surgeries have been performed over the past decades. They elongate and re-grow new bones by stretching broken bones in opposite directions.

* How to jog with ankle weights:

1. Basically you’re jogging 1 to 2 hours daily and grow or remodel bones with every step that you take forward. The lower part of your shins should be strapped with 8 to 20 pound ankle weights (EACH leg), while the upper part of your shins should be padded with foam layers or cushions (attached to nylon ropes) over a bar 5 to 10 feet away.


* How can this method work?
– Try this method for 15 minutes only and you’ll feel that your legs are stretched apart more so than sitting with 30 pound iron plates for over 1 hour.

* When should I expect my 1/2 inch or 1 inch gain?
– It varies of course. But probably within the first year. Again, the harder you jog with more ankle weights on the lower part of your shins and the longer your jog, the faster you might grow.

* Is this 2009 version better than the 2008 version?
– We can’t say for sure which version is better than the other as theories change frequently. As of right now, we believe the 2009 version appears more logical. After all, 2008 has been a disappointing year for shinbone experimenters with so little success stories.

* I can see that you attach the nylon ropes to a stationary bike… should I do the same thing?
– No. You may attach the nylon ropes to a wall, heavy chair, or any chin-up bar as long it’s stable enough.

August 15, 2009: Shinbone Routine Version 2010 is being tested by past experimenters and may be released by early January 2010. This enhanced routine involves kicking forward with 15 to 20 lb ankle weights strapped to the lower legs (right above the ankles) while applying an equal force in reverse direction by strapping nylon ropes to a bar with the upper part of the shins (right below the knees). After frustrating attempts to grow taller with Shinbone Version 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, our version 2009 may prove to be the most practical method to grow taller; however, version 2009 is cumbersome and is difficult to perform for several hours. Our latest Shinbone version 2010, to be released next year, appears effortless to perform yet powerful while exerting tremendous forces to the lower shins (above ankles) and the upper shins (below knees) extending both lengths in opposite directions. Its method is strikingly similar to the expensive limb lengthening surgery because after 2 hours of doing version 2010, current experimenters reported powerful lengthening in the shinbones as if opposite ends are pulling apart. Please be patient and stay tuned for updates in the next few months..

Shinbone Routine Version 2010 will be released next year. Please be PATIENT and stay tuned.

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