So, guys, that’s true. A incredible 1,5 cm or 3/5 inch in just 15 days.
To clear out the things, my 181 (5’11.25) height was height in the morning (I just have in mind my maximum height in the morning to feel better ). In the evening I’m 1-1,5 cm (0,4-0,6 inch) shorter.
Now I’m 182,5 (near 6′) in the morning. I’m 10 hours on foot now. Measured. 181,5.

I’m following routine.


Other incredible thing is – my torso is now longer by I think 1 cm or 1,25 cm. I can see the difference looking in the mirror. So if I was US citizen, I wouldn’t be let to be a pilot because of max sitting height limit – 40 inches (101,6 cm) lol.

I’m sure the most of my height goes from straighter posture. It’s really straighter (the first week is for straightening the posture). I think I felt the results even after 1 day.
Lol after 1 part of exercises I felt like I worked in the fields all the day. First days were pretty hard, but now everything is OK. I’m now even more flexible than I was before.

I know, 1/2 inch isn’t much, but it’s a good beginning.

Several tips I made:

1. The most important. “Be there mentally” like pisces always says. That’s true. Believe that you will be taller. If you don’t believe, better not spend your time doing all those exercises.
2. Do it hard. But not too hard though. You have to feel when you use 100 % of your body. But don’t overextend. There will be more risk to get an injury. After 3 days of routine I woke up at night because I felt the pain in my right side of underpart of torso. I think I tried too hard exercising. But lucky that was the only bad sign.
3. Keep your posture straight as much as possible.
4. Keep your legs straight as much as possible too.

Well, I guess I will be going for 6’1 morning height now

Check it out!

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