1999- 132cm







2008-163cm (July)

I noticed that I grew a lot more when I was more active which was mainly when I was a kid. So, I decided to get active! Sounds easy enough? Well, not really. I’m a seriously lazy [and kinda spoilt] person…And I loose interest in things fairly quick. So, how on earth was I supposed to stick to a programme? So when I was about 16 I decided that unless I do something about it, I wasn’t going to grow miraculously. I mean, I hadn’t grown much since. I’ve always been one of the “tall girls” because majority of the students in my class were all tiny compared to me, but when I was 16, there were a few who were taller. Some because they had really tall parents but most because they we’re active! I tried to do a stretching programme but due to lack of will power I stopped. And it’s very common for me to do these sorta things.

After my 17th birthday, I said, “<beep> this! I’m gonna grow!” The thing that made me change my mind was a Shakespearean quote that is “nothing will come of nothing”. It just was a slap on my face you can say. If you want something, you have to go out and get it. Just like a million dollars, you can’t just sit there hoping that the money was gonna fall from the sky. And every time I was close to giving up, I asked myself “how badly and how much do u actually want this?” And every time I was on the brink of giving up be it in my studies or in my programme, I’d ask myself this question and my answer was always, I want it very badly and I am willing to grow the extra 20 miles for it! My mom and dad decided to get active for me, being a girl, they didn’t really think it was a good Idea for me to be jogging alone and without a jogging buddy, would I really jog? COMMMONNN. It’s me here! So, they started jogging around a dam about 3 times a week and I usually followed. I started a routine that I picked and chose from various programmes and made it my own. My programme had a strict diet.

As soon as I get up – a glass of water and a tablespoon of honey.

Breakfast (on weekdays before I go to school) – two slices of cheese with a chocolate milk [what can I say, I love my chocolate milk]

Breakfast- 2 eggs fried

And I would take a multivitamin, cod liver oil (I’ve been taking it since I was a kid, so it’s a habit) and an iron tablet. Ok, fine, so the iron is basically because I’m anaemic but hey, you never know right?!

And I also would drink at LEAST a glass of milk a day.

My stretches were really simple and they were mostly yoga/Pilate moves. And I would jump 50 times in the morning in different ways and I also would hang on a bar. And before I sleep, I would do some basic movements but nothing too intense otherwise I wouldn’t be able to sleep.

I also never measured myself because mentally I knew if I measured myself everyday and if I didn’t see any results I’d give up altogether.

I did this for about 2 weeks but BAM one Monday I sprained my calf muscle and I wanted it to heal faster so I can get back on my programme. So, I took one week off. And in that week, my dad bought me a shake. It’s more of like an herb than a protein shake. Lots of good things in it. And it has extra iron and stuff that would help with my anaemia. So, yeah. All I had to do was take it once a day on a light/empty stomach. It looked rather grose I must say, but it had a delicious vanilla after-taste. I take it every day without fail before bed so it’s absorbed faster and when I sleep, release growth hormones: D

I decided my programme wasn’t good enough so I basically kept my “diet” but added sometimes a calcium tablet, sometimes primrose oil, sometimes fish oil depending on what I felt like taking: D

And I started on a new programme …And it seemed pretty intense, lots of stretches and stuff. So, I decided Ill stretch first, and then I’ll add in jumps/ skips. Then Ill futures intensify it with cycling and tennis and swimming and basketball and all after my exam ended. Baby steps Big Grin I talked to my mom about getting a tennis coach and a swimming coach and going to the gym and I got green light for all of em but only after my exams which were in November. So now, my best friends were the stretches, my jump rope, my stairs (to hang on) and myself. Haha!

The programme said I had to measure myself every week and I started on a Sunday. I recorded my height as 163cm which was true! I reached right on top of the light switch in my kitchen. My dad measured my sister and me. My dad is 175cm and my sister (who’s 20) was 166cm.

I started my programme and never stopped. Finally, Sunday came. I was sooo scared! I went downstairs with my ruler and said “daddy, measure me!” I stood in front of the light switch. Hoping I was taller. Common, please be taller and my dad said “ok, move away”. BAM! I was 2cm taller than I was. Even my dad was shocked! I mean common! In one week! 2cm?! Get outta here! I recorded it as only 1.5cm growth because, hey, you never know, I might shrink 0.5cm. So, in one week, after stretching my soul out, I have grown from 163cm to 164.5cm. I mean, THAT’s REALLY AWESOME!

So I just wanted to give thanks to everyone! I feel so motivated! And thanks mainly to all of you guys. The success stories I read and the information I got was priceless! Thanks! *big hugs to everyone*

Big Grin

I hope it’s permanent height gain! I’ll intensify it more this week. I’m going to start again with my jump rope as of tomorrow 4th. I’ll be doing 50 jump ropes every morning together with this exercise. And also 50 jumps. I right now know my dream of growing isn’t far-fetched. Big Grin

Growth so far:

2008 (27th July)-163cm

2008 (3rd August)-164.5cm

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