It is common knowledge that a person who dresses wisely can appear taller than he really is. Here are a few tips:

- Choose dark and uniform colours. The cloth can have soft vertical lines (pin stripe) and avoid plaids or square designs.

- A suit, matching jacket and pants, of the same colour also make you look taller.

- Wear trousers that are long and narrow and without cuffs.

- Adopt the slimmer, elegant style of a vest and tie…

Don’t neglect the way you dress. Clothing is a reflection of your personality. Dress in an intelligent, sober and harmonious manner. It is always pleasant to look at an elegantly dressed person.

* * *

How nice it is to see men and women who look good and stand tall. How good it is to admire the imposing presence of Olympic Champions, to see how dignified and elegant they look as they climb onto the winners podium.

Before going on to the next chapter, I invite you to reflect a few moments longer on the real advantages that good posture gives you and your friends.

Feeling good is a matter of health. It is also the adoption of wise habits once you have given and idea serious and repeated thought.

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