I will only get into the abdominal or diaphragmatic breathing exercises. It is considered to be the best one.

a) First Exercise: Lying Down

Lie down on your back. Stretch out completely. Place one hand on your stomach. Close your eyes for better concentration

- Inhale deeply through the nose; at this point you can feel your stomach rise.

- Hold your breath.

- Exhale slowly through the mouth; your stomach will fall. Contract your stomach muscles tightly to force out all the remaining air.

This is a very good exercise to help you sleep and it is very relaxing.

c) Second Exercise: Standing Position

- Raise your arms from your side to an upward position, INHALING through the nose (4 seconds)

- Stretch your arms straight up while HOLDING your breath (3 seconds)

- EXHALE slowly through the mouth while lowering your arms and go on to touch hands behind your back, pushing your torso forwards (12 seconds).

To push out all the air from your lungs, contract your stomach muscles.

d) Third Exercise: Sitting Position

Sit on a straight chair. Draw your shoulder blades close.

- Inhale through the nose

- Hold your breath

- Exhale through the mouth slowly, contracting your stomach muscles.

Whether you are taking a walk or climbing stairs, use this time to do some breathing exercises. When you take a walk, INHALE through the nose for six (6) steps, HOLD your breath for three (3) steps and EXHALE slowly through the mouth for eighteen (18) steps, and repeat.

If you experience fatigue or if you feel listless at work, take a break and do one of the suggested exercises. By doing so, you are recharging your batteries. You will feel invigorated. I hope for your own sake you try these exercises to see how effective they are.

According to experts, if you do ten (10) deep and conscientious abdominal breathing exercises in fresh air, you improve your health considerably. Why not adopt this excellent habit.

In conclusion, remember this statement and live by it;


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