Rise at six, lunch at 10, sup at six, sleep at 10, makes man live ten times ten

The need for sleep is inherent in all humans.  We cant live without it.  A lack of sleep for either children or adults can bring on serious consequences.

Let us pause for a moment to reflect on the importance of sleep, on the conditions that make for sound sleep and on the influence proper sleep has on growth.

1. Why There Is Need For Sleep

  • Sleep is considered to be the cheapest medicine.  People who are overworked or who are really sick need sound sleep above all else.  Very often, there is nothing better to combat sickness than sleep.
  • Sleep builds up your strength, it recharges the energy level of the central nervous system.
  • Sleep relaxes the bones, the cartilage and the muscular tissues.
  • Fatigue leaves your body during sleep.  Toxins (garbage)  are eliminated through the pores of the skin.  Hence the necessity for a refreshing morning shower.
  • A well rested person can work at full potential and work longer.
  • A rested person feels the joy of life and his own well being.
  • A rested person looks better and brighter.

2. Conditions For Proper Sleep (advice)

  • Sleep in a room that is dark, quiet and fresh smelling.
  • It is important to sleep in a well ventilated room.  Don’t be afraid to open a window, even in winter.  It is better to put on an extra woollen blanket than to breathe in stale air.
  • A hard bed will assure the well-being of your spine.  If your bed is too soft, you can put a ¾” (2cm) sheet of plywood under your mattress.
  • A big pillow hinders your breathing and tires out your neck.  Personally I don’t use a pillow.  As a teenager I read that it was better to sleep without a pillow.  One night, I tried to do without but that night I felt the need for a pillow by early morning.  I tried again the next night and the habit was broken.  It would be better for your spinal column to place a pillow under your knees.
  • To really get the taste of a good night sleep, your sheets and nightwear should be nice and clean.  Your room should be clean.  It is unhealthy to inhale dust.
  • Sleeping in a curled up position should be avoided.  You must stretch out.
  • As a rule, eight hours of sleep is sufficient.  However, certain organisms only need five hours of sleep per night, while others need ten hours of sleep.  During the growth period or adolescence, the body needs more sleep than less.  To fully benefit from my course, you should get a sufficient amount of sleep.  I recommend you establish a regular routine throughout the day as well as a fixed hour for going to bed.
  • Drink a big glass of water before going to bed and when you wake up; this will help clean out your system.  Milk can also help you sleep.  It contains an amino acid called tryptophane.  Which produces the effect of a sedative.  To sleep well try to avoid huge meals in the evening as well as stimulants like coffee, tea, cola or chocolate.
  • Practice total relaxation and breathing fully.  Relax from head to toe.  Close your eyes and relax every part of your body by going through each part in your mind.  Do complete breathing exercises by following the three phases; (1) Inhale slowly and deeply through the nose; (2) Hold your breath and stretch; (3) Exhale slowly and fully through the mouth while tightening the abdominal muscles.
  • In conclusion, I would advise: “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”.  Be in harmony with nature.  The more we distance ourselves from nature the more we become unhappy and out of touch with ourselves.

3. Self-Hypnosis

You may have experienced the following or know someone who has.  One night, you realize that your alarm doesn’t work and you absolutely have to wake up early.  So with conviction you say to yourself, “I have to get up at six, I have to get up at six…”.  The next morning you wake up and its six o’clock.

Your Subconscious is capable of great potential.  Use it.  Every night before you fall asleep send positive messages to your brain.  For the purposes of this course on “Gaining Height”, you could repeat the message mentioned before, “Everyday I am gaining Height through exercise.  I am Growing. I am Growing….”.

4. Surprising Fact

you may be surprised to know that we are taller in the morning than we are at night.  By virtue of the law of gravity, our bodies in the standing position, are attracted toward the ground.  By the end of the day, the disks in the spine are compressed by the weight of the body, by the days tension and by things we have lifted.  During the night, the spinal column is in a relaxed and spread out position.

Be aware of this fact and use this time to stretch out properly.

5. Stretching Exercises In Bed

Do stretching exercises in bed at night and in the morning.  I recommend these two exercises:

  • (1) Leg Stretch.  Lying on your back, stretch out your right leg (and then left once completed), counting to five (5).  Imagine you are pushing a box with the flat of your foot.  Now repeat the same exercise but on your stomach.
  • (2) Lying on your back, bring your knees to your chest, pulling them with your hands.  At the same time, exhale through the mouth and tighten your stomach muscles.  Inhale through the nose as you return your feet to the mattress.

VARIATION: (the rocker).  Bring your knees to your chest with your hands and rock yourself.

*                  *                  *

Sleeping provides the perfect opportunity to stretch your spinal column.  Don’t blow it.

Improve your quality, and if need be, your quantity of sleep to live a longer and fuller life.

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