We’ve got to think about this. What are the best exercises to do if you want to gain muscle and put on some solid weight? Exercises that work out MORE than 1 muscle is better. The reason why is because we want to economize.

We’ve got about a 1 hour window (probably more like 45 minutes) where we can warm up, workout and warm down before our body starts turning from a muscle building machine, into a muscle BURNING machine. We don’t want to burn out muscles. So we want to get as much muscle work done within this time as possible. And the secret is the Comprehensive Exercise.

Building Muscle Tips – Comprehensive exercise list:

Building Muscle Tips #1. These are the only exercises you should do to to work out the most muscles in shortest amount of time. If you do these exercises, instead of the small exercises, you’ll gain loads of muscle in very little time.

# Full Standing Squats

# Bench Press

# Stiff Deadlifts

# Standing Military Press

# Bent Rows

# Wide Grip Chin Ups (Bit Hard? Do Heavy Lat Pull Downs until you’re stronger)

# Dips (if you can’t do full body dips do dips with your feet on a chair in front of you)

These last two exercises are optional because the other exercises are so comprehensive that you’ve already worked out your entire body! Do them if you’ve still got time and energy during your workouts.

Get 3 workouts done each week, and do squats in every one of them. You’ll get the most out of doing squats because they’re the biggest muscle group in your whole body. Work them out hard and you’ll stimulate massive testosterone production!

On that note: WORK HARD! These exercises work, if you work them. Don’t change them, do them as described and you’ll get results. Work out hard and keep at it. In a few weeks you’ll notice the results. That’s when you know you’re about to get REALLY BIG MUSCLES! Do about 5-7 heavy reps, and do no more than 3 sets each. Lift as much weight as you can and get someone to spot for you. You’re the one who must do the work.

The secret to making massive muscle gains in short amounts of time is to stress your body with INTENSE PHYSICAL RESISTANCE TRAINING. Use the same weight throughout the sets. i.e. if you start bench with 50kg, use 50kg the whole workout for bench. Change it up next workout by about 2.5% Keep good form and you’ll get great results. Never lift more than you can do 3 sets.

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