Increasing your vertical leap is neither too easy nor too hard. The easiest and simplest part is that anyone can actually increase their vertical leaps by 6 to 10 inches. The hardest part of this endeavor is having the right attitude and discipline. Before you can see any success, you need to work hard and exert extra effort. Having the right attitude and being disciplined will guarantee a dramatic increase in vertical leaps at the end and completion of the training program. To help you go about it, here are the top 3 must try tips for exercises to jump higher.

Tip 1: For any exercises to jump higher, stretching is very important. Your muscles need to be stretched before and after your workout. Stretching helps your muscles to loosen up; thereby preventing cramps and injury. Stretching also aids in improving flexibility which contributes to the successful execution of vertical jumps, faster movement, and proper utilization of your athletic ability.

Special areas to focus on when stretching are the hamstrings, calves, hip-flexors, quadriceps, and gluteus. If you can, try stretching 2 times a day even if you are not doing any exercise. Failure to do so has a great effect in your flexibility which may eventually affect your vertical leaps.

Top 3 Must Try Tips for Exercises to Jump Higher

Tip 2: In your research for exercises to jump higher, you probably have encountered the term “explosive movements”. Well, if you really want to jump higher, you have to know that this is all about improving your explosive movements. The workouts and trainings that you are actually engaged in have to help you build your explosive power off the ground.

One great way to improve ones explosive movement is through step ups. Start with your one thigh on a chair positioned parallel to the floor. Using all your strength and power, explode off your elevated legs as powerful and as high as you can, while trying to switch your legs in the air. Do the same step using your other leg. The focus is here to develop your leg explosion.

Another exercise to try to improve ones explosive movement is the depth jump. You may do this by using an elevated platform or a chair. Step off the platform and as soon as your feet touch the ground, try hard to explode as high and as powerful as you can into the air.

Tip 3: One of the most effective exercises to jump higher is the calf raise. Though the easiest, this exercise is considered to be one of the most effective. Do you know that doing this exercise alone can actually improve your vertical jump?

There are two kinds of calf raise exercise. One is done with an elevated platform and the other is done with the foot flat on the floor. When you have your foot flat on the floor, you can perform cal raise by executing a tip toe then going back down again. Calf raise with an elevated platform generates more positive results as it stretches the Achilles tendon while exercising and strengthening the calf at the same time.

There are many exercises to jump higher. Other than the discipline and of course, the right attitude, finding the right training program is important to your success to increase your vertical leap and jump higher.

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