Grow Taller with Hypnosis -Part 3

Grow Taller with Hypnosis Success Stories

Milton EricksonBy far the most famous account of height increase from hypnosis was documented by the renounced hypnotherapist Dr. Milton H. Erickson.His account of an amazing growth story can be found in this extract from his book Ericksonian Approaches:

In 1960 he [Erickson] told about a 20-year-old man who grew 12 inches in height in the span of one year. In hypnosis, at the start of therapy, this stunted young man looked out on his world as though unwilling to grow, a modern-day Peter Pan.

For example, he described the room as though he were standing beneath a table. Similarly, a cow on his farm was visualized as though it were ten feet tall; his eyes were on a level with the cow’s udder. Growth began to take place when Erickson encouraged the man to hallucinate his world as though he were standing part way up a staircase.

When asked by a colleague hypnotist, “Why have you kept this report out of the literature?”

Erickson smiled and said, “No respectable editor of a scientific journal would publish such an impossible thing.”

“Dr. Erickson,” the colleague answered, “You are the editor of a respectable journal.”

He smiled again and said, “I would like to keep my job.”

Success Stories: 4/5 inch in 31 days

So, guys, that’s true. A incredible 1,5 cm or 3/5 inch in just 15 days.
To clear out the things, my 181 (5’11.25) height was height in the morning (I just have in mind my maximum height in the morning to feel better ). In the evening I’m 1-1,5 cm (0,4-0,6 inch) shorter. Read the rest of this entry

Success Stories: How She grow Taller


1999- 132cm







2008-163cm (July)

I noticed that I grew a lot more when I was more active which was mainly when I was a kid. So, I decided to get active! Sounds easy enough? Well, not really. I’m a seriously lazy [and kinda spoilt] person…And I loose interest in things fairly quick. So, how on earth was I supposed to stick to a programme? So when I was about 16 I decided that unless I do something about it, I wasn’t going to grow miraculously. I mean, I hadn’t grown much since. I’ve always been one of the “tall girls” because majority of the students in my class were all tiny compared to me, but when I was 16, there were a few who were taller. Some because they had really tall parents but most because they we’re active! I tried to do a stretching programme but due to lack of will power I stopped. And it’s very common for me to do these sorta things. Read the rest of this entry

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