I think this is a very good tips from Anonymous, who left his message at this blog… thanks =)

Im 18 years old male and im 5.2 1/2 inches in height i masturbate everyweek..so guys masturbation has effect to your height ok..if you are addicted to masturbation stop it cos it will stunts your height growth and yeah im following some tips listed here which is really good.

According to my experience if you do exercise very routinely for 2 week you can increase by 1/2 inches i guarantee you.
Follow these steps:
1.Do exercise morning and before you go to sleep so that you get sleepy and tired.
2.Drink milk and eating eggs before sleep is very good(Boiled eggs)..you will notice the boost in your health.
3.I havent tried any Calcium supplement but if you wish you can try cos my friend also tried.
4.Hanging and stretching your body is great cos it will increase your backbone length.Do this exercise as much as possible in a day(Around 100-200 ups and downs).This will boost your spinal length when you sleep and you will notice increase in length in just 1 week.
5.For leg lengthing i dont know but i think bridge exercise(yoga) is good for making your leg flexible and healthy.

So do the above exercise and you can also take some calcium or protein suppplements.

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